CrossCode Wiki

Completion of CrossCode is tracked through the Overall Completion percentage in the Statistics menu.

Overall Completion measures the average of thirteen (or twelve) different metrics: plot completion, enemies, enemy reports, items, traders, lore, landmarks, chests, areas, botanics, quests, trophies, and the arena (if unlocked). The six completion sub-categories are each the average of one or more of these metrics.

Plot Completion[ | ]

Plot completion follows the internal variable plot.line, which identifies the current plot progress. This is the only variable not included in one of the completion sub-categories. As this variable is not explicitly revealed, and is primarily used to trigger cutscenes, it does not follow a linear progression. Percent completions at the end of each chapter are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: 2.8%
  • Chapter 2: 7.2%
  • Chapter 3: 10.9%
  • Chapter 4: 13.4%
  • Chapter 5: 21.9%
  • Chapter 6: 31.6%
  • Chapter 7: 48.8%
  • Chapter 8: 59.4%
  • Chapter 9: 66.6%
  • Chapter 10: 100%

Enemies[ | ]

The Enemies subcategory includes two metrics:

Enemy Completion[ | ]

This tracks that that all Monster Fibula entries have been unlocked, which is typically done by defeating enemies. Enemies that do not have a Monster Fibula entry (Prologue Shredder, Prologue Freezing Shredder, Shredder, Practice Bot and Meister Karotto) are not necessary for 100% completion. Enemies from forme the version-exclusive quests (Pincetron, Pincerstonk i6 GX02, Flying Hedgehag, The Hedgelord, Leggy Angler, Mecha Gear FISH, Karottank and General Rootser) are also not counted.

Enemy Reports Completion[ | ]

This tracks whether you have completed the Monster Fibula enemy reports for all enemies. Enemies from the former version-exclusive quests (Pincetron, Pincerstonk i6 GX02, Flying Hedgehag, The Hedgelord, Leggy Angler, Mecha Gear FISH, Karottank and General Rootser) are not counted.

Collection[ | ]

The Collection subcategory includes two metrics:

Item Completion[ | ]

This tracks that all items have been obtained at least once. It still counts if an item has been obtained and then lost. Key items and add-ons are not tracked, and neither are the Perfect KarrotPerfect Karrot, LV01Broken ChakramsBroken Chakrams, Turret TokensTurret Tokens, Final DinnerFinal Dinner or the Arena shop equipment (LV65Dragon's BandanaDragon's Bandana, LV65Tranquil EarmuffsTranquil Earmuffs, LV65Eternal SalamiEternal Salami, LV65Knocking OneKnocking One, LV65Pendulum StrikerPendulum Striker, LV65Assault HarnessAssault Harness, LV65Killing DressKilling Dress, LV65Combat SkatesCombat Skates and LV65PaedalosPaedalos).

Trader Completion[ | ]

This tracks whether you have visited all traders. The circuit override trader in the Arena basement is not tracked. Note that traders that update their products count as multiple traders, and must be visited after their final update to achieve full completion.

Exploration[ | ]

The Exploration subcategory includes five metrics:

Encyclopedia Completion[ | ]

This tracks that all encyclopedia entries have been unlocked. Note that this only tracks the initial unlock, and for multi-part entries it is not necessary to complete all parts.

Landmark Completion[ | ]

This tracks that all landmarks have been unlocked.

Chest Competion[ | ]

This tracks that all chests have been found and opened. The chests from the version-exclusive quests are not tracked.

Area Completion[ | ]

This tracks that you have visited all areas. Completing the entire map for each area is not required, and Meta is not tracked. Note that this includes Vermillion Tower separately from Vermillion Dungeon, which is reset on going back in time, so an endgame save will likely not have this completed.

Botanics Completion[ | ]

This tracks that all botanics are fully unlocked. Unlocking the botanics menu is not necessary to complete this metric.

Quests[ | ]

This tracks that all quests have been completed. Gifting for Fun! is not tracked, and neither are the version-exclusive quests (Best in the West, A Switch in Altitude, Out of the Box, and Foul Play).

Trophies[ | ]

This tracks whether you have completed all trophies. As trophies are global, they do not need to be completed on a given save for that save to have 100% completion.

Arena[ | ]

This is a special case, as arena completion is only counted towards 100% completion if you have entered the arena. Initially entering the arena will therefore cause your completion percentage to fall. As all things found in the arena (arena shop gear and the circuit override trader) do not count towards the other metrics, it is possible to get the completion percentage to 100% without entering the arena.

Arena completion is measured as the average of each cup's completion, where the cup completions are the percentage of gold or platinum medals obtained (including rush mode). It is therefore not necessary to obtain any platinum medals to get 100% arena completion. Only the following seven cups count towards the completion total: Rookie, Seeker, Dungeon Boss, Faction Rookie, Faction Advanced, Rookie Team, and Faction Team.