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This article contains SPOILERS for the main story of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!

A New Home is a DLC for CrossCode released on February 26th, 2021. It is the long-awaited "Post-Game Episode" which continues the story after the main game's 'Good' Ending.

The DLC is currently available for PC on Steam and GOG, as well as on most console versions.

The DLC adds four additional chapters to the end of the main game. While the main game resolves Lea's story, the DLC is primarily focused on two unanswered questions: what will happen to the Evotars in the future, and what is C'tron's connection to Sidwell?

All the new content is playable after the base game, so there is no need to start from the beginning.

Summary of contents[ | ]

  • An extended story that takes place after the Ending of the base game.
  • 3 new music tracks composed by STEEL_PLUS.
  • A new area, the Azure Archipelago, and the biggest dungeon in the entire game, Ku'lero Temple.
  • Rhombus Square gets an expansion and Homestedt becomes accessible from Autumn's Rise.
  • A wide variety of new equipment mainly consisting of Ascended Equipment which increases its stats with your level.
  • 27 new enemies (only 13 of them are unique, though).
  • 13 new bosses.
  • 12 new quests, many of which reward you with Cross Points (ability tree points) when solved.
  • Extra Arena Cups, which includes the opportunity to encounter certain bosses from the main story again.
  • One more SP Bar extension for a grand total of 16 SP Points.
  • Complete the raid. For real this time.

Accessing[ | ]

To start the A New Home DLC, you must be in Meta - Space, with the good ending completed. From here, going right will begin the DLC.

Areas[ | ]

Quests[ | ]

Enemies[ | ]

Bosses[ | ]

Items[ | ]

Equipment[ | ]

Arms Head Torso Legs

Consumables[ | ]

Trade Items[ | ]

Key Items[ | ]

Pets[ | ]

Arena Cups[ | ]

  1. While this cup does exist in the base game, it isn't normally accessible without this DLC.

Plot[ | ]

This article contains SPOILERS for the A New Home DLC of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!

After months negotiating with Instatainment, Lea and all other Evotars are officially approved to be a part of CrossWorlds. A New Home begins with Sergey and Satoshi re-examining her memory in the town hall of Homestedt, a small private town built next to Autumn's Rise to house Evotars including herself. Lea reconciles with all but three First Scholarly members; Apollo and Joern are currently on vacation, while C'tron is nowhere to be seen. Not long after, Sergey brings back Evotar Lukas whose name is changed to "Luke" after confronting his former self. The real/original Lukas then takes everyone on a short tour of Homestedt.

Sergey adds the three remaining question words to Lea's vocabulary: "Who," "What" and "Where." He then expresses hope to find a way to make the speech coding process easier.

Lea, Emilie, Luke, Raphael, Lin and Lukas take on a more challenging raid on Para Island the next day and defeat its boss with no outside interference. However, Luke is still bothered by his realization as a semi-copy of Lukas.

Sergey finds an Evotar copy of C'tron who, like Lea, initially has amnesia about his CrossWorlds experience. Lea guides him to memorable locations to restore his memory. In addition, after a few dreams, she and Sergey learn about his supposed involvement with Mr. Sidwell in Vermillion Wasteland which explains his absence from the First Scholar's 'final' raid in Chapter 10. Nevertheless, Evotar C'tron welcomes Lea to invite him to her party whenever he is available.

Lea and her friends eventually gain access to the expanded city of Rhombus Square which include an open PvP arena and a transporter to a newly-created area: the Azure Archipelago. Lea and her chosen party members explore the islands to find the Ancient ShadeAncient Shade, the key needed to complete the Ku'lero Temple which is almost ready for release. Apollo challenges Lea to one final duel at Rhombus Square's PvP arena, now possessing all four elements.

Lea realizes that there is a connection between C'tron and Sidwell, and confronts C'tron. After Sergey intervenes, C'tron admits that he is an Evotar of Sidwell.

At Satoshi's new home in Homestedt the next day, Lea is first to hear the news that the true final dungeon has released. Shizuka successfully persuades her brother to take a break from coding and run the new dungeon together. Ku'lero Temple is accessed via the Ascension Temple in Sapphire Ridge which is greeted by all First Scholars and a huge crowd of anonymous in-universe players.

After completing the long dungeon, it is revealed that Instatainment is planning a sequel to CrossWorlds. Emilie and Lea go to meet C'tron, who left the dungeon early, and Emilie learns his identity. C'tron reveals that he still has missing memories of meeting someone in Vermillion Wasteland, so the trio convince Sergey to take them there one last time.

In Vermillion Wasteland, C'tron leads them to a hidden lab, where they find and battle an enemy based on Sidwell's avatar. C'tron finally remembers that he was already an Evotar during the main game, and that the current C'tron is a second Evotar created by the first to escape Vermillion Wasteland. Lea is given the final decision of whether C'tron will be allowed to remain in the game. Regardless of her choice, C'tron assists Sergey in locating Sidwell. During the closing scenes, the Evotars are shown to be given jobs within CrossWorlds, with Luke working as a tour guide and Lea working as a playtester alongside Shizuka.

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