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A Promise Is a Promise 5 is a level 60 elite quest given by Ketin D'Kar at Rhombus Square - Books 'n Worms. Completion of A Promise Is a Promise 4 is a prerequisite of this quest.

This quest is a prerequisite of The Observatory

Tasks[ | ]

Speaking to D'Kar[ | ]

After completing A Promise Is a Promise 4 and gaining access to Rhombus Square, D'Kar can be found in Books 'n Worms, a bookstore whose entrance is somewhat obscured by an overpass in Lloyd Passage. He asks you to find the Broken Chakrams using the poem in the bookshelf to his left as a clue:

Silent evenfall / shall a mealy, stern bug wait / by the campfire
Composure nighttime / A old, strong panda walks / watching the berrytree

Sapphire Ridge[ | ]

The poem refers to the room Tranquil Bamboo in Sapphire Ridge, where a campfire is located and a berry tree can be found to its right. An unusually well-hidden path in the bamboo directly above the tree leads to Baton Pond. Here an elaborate jumping puzzle involves hitting seven switches around the pond within 80 seconds in order to unlock The Barracks. Use the Kamikaters to destroy obstrucing rocks and defeat the War Webster at the end of the cave. Then in The Bellows, the Pandza Mk. II can be encountered and defeated to finally obtain the Broken Gauntlet.

Conclusion[ | ]

Head to Books 'n Worms again to find D'Kar, who tells you to meet him and his children at the Observatory in Autumn's Rise. Head there and after clearing up a few misunderstandings, D'Kar decides to give Lea the broken weapons. These can then be used for the subsequent quest called The Observatory.

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