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Albert Grumpesto, nickname Beowulf, is a member of the First Scholars guild that Lea joins during the game's events. He is also a friend of Ivan Vestorovich, one of Instantainment's shareholders.


Beowulf is a calm and silent player who created the First Scholars guild together with Hlin. Although he does not seem very talkative, his interest in the lore of CrossWorlds is just as great as Hlin's.

-Encyclopedia People entry

Appearance[ | ]

Beowulf created his design to break the stereotypes of the Hexacast class, appearing as a seasoned warrior instead of a mage. He is tall, with chiseled facial features and a large scar running along the side of his face, and ties his black hair in a high ponytail, while wearing the typical headgear of his class. His shirt and trousers are both green-brown, and he wears a neckplate along with a purple scarf that covers one of his shoulders, held in place by a strap that connects to his belt.

Personality[ | ]

Albert is a stoic individual who gives off the initial impression of being a strong and silent type, and potentially intimidating. However, he has a clear and vocal passion for CrossWorlds. In his D-Link conversations with Lea, he reveals aspects of his preferences when playing Crossworlds voluntarily by presuming Lea to be inquring about it.

He appears to enjoy immersive and engrossing content, setting the temperature sense to the maximum level, and criticising the Azure Archipelago for feeling out of place with the rest of the Track of the Ancients. He prefers dungeons to be long, and when talking with Emilie in Ku'lero Temple states that he focuses his options as a Hexacast into close-ranged attacks.

In the good ending, he is the first person in the guild to find out about Lea's true nature, and is fully supportive and non-judgemental of her.

Relationships[ | ]

Hlin is the leader of the First Scholars and its other founding member. Her and Albert appear to be close, as she calls him by the nickname 'Al', and in one instance he calls her 'hon', which may imply their relationship is romantic in nature, although it is not confirmed.

Buggy is one of Albert's guildmates, and frequently pesters him about Ivan, highly interested in meeting a shareholder of a large company such as Instantainment.

History[ | ]

Prior to the events of CrossCode, Albert and Hlin cofounded the First Scholars guild. At an unknown point, he became acquainted with Ivan. He first appears at Level 75, the highest of any of the First Scholars, typically only reached by Lea and your party members at the end of A New Home, and is considered to be an end-game player as a result.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Spoiler Warning:

Albert is a supporting NPC, and one of the three First Scholar members who is unavailable as a party member, alongside Hlin and Buggy. While a minor character for most of the game, he plays an essential role in acquiring the good ending that A New Home takes place in, saving Lea from being banned by Instantainment.

In Chapter 10, Albert meets with Ivan at Rhombus Square - Lloyd Passage. Lea is presented the opportunity to briefly join them and exchanges greetings with Ivan. Sergey realises that this presents the opportunity to gain support for Evotars within Instantainment, and gets Albert to meet with Lea, introducing himself and disclosing Lea's status as an AI. Albert helps arrange a meeting with Ivan to verify Lea. Should Lea be successful, Instantainment will ultimately allow Evotars to exist, leading to the good ending.