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The Ampery is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can only be encountered during Rooting for Power.


A Argeby that somehow got infected and now radiates Shock-energy. Said energy empowers it's attack and also creates an almost impenetrable shield that can only be neutralized with an opposing element. It seems like the infection spreads between its NANO-MACHINES, which also explains why they are polluting the water.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Ampery resembles a carnivorous plant. Its head or “bud” is purple and has green leaves behind it, along with a big jaw it uses to bite its enemies. The rest of its body is composed of a brown stem, green leaves around its base and purple electric spheres beneath them that cover its roots. Electricity flows around its body causing it to release small shocks.

Combat[ | ]

This enemy tricks the player into believing it is a normal plant until they get too close, which causes it to become hostile. It has a circular dotted Shock shield that can be deactivated with enough Wave attacks of any kind. It will recover the shield if it either gets hit repeatedly while it isn’t active or at random.
It has two attacks. The first one is a simple bite done after approaching the player while flashing red. The second one consists of teleporting, lunging towards the player at high speeds and biting three times in case it connects. If the Shock shield is active, the Ampery will cause an electric current to appear between its starting and finishing point. When this attack fails and the Ampery hits a wall, it gets stunned for a few seconds, also becoming unable to recover its shield while it is in this state, but still generating the electric current in case it had its shield on.

Strategies[ | ]

Constantly swapping between Wave and Shock to deal with the shield and the Ampery itself can make the encounters confusing. If this is the case, attacking them directly after hitting a wall is a better idea. Eliminate any other enemy that might get in your way and focus mostly on dodging until one of them crashes into a wall since fighting multiple Amperies at once can be troublesome.

Locations[ | ]

Seeker Sense will show purple squares labeled as “Unnatural Energy Signature” to reveal the location of a group of Amperies. After all the Amperies of a certain group are defeated, the square disappears.

Ampery location
Gaia's Garden
Only during the Rooting for Power quest.
  • Overgrown Path (x2)
  • Drizzle Bosk (x3)
  • Wet Passage (x3)
  • Covert Path (x3)
  • Royal Grove (x2)
  • River’s Bed (x4)
Only during the DLC-exclusive quest Salty Detox.
  • Basin Keep Entrance (x2)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Ampery may be a pun on Ampere, which is the most basic unit used to measure electric current.