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The Ancient Guardian is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It is fought at the top Grand Krys'kajo, alongside the Son of the East.

Organic Boss
Ancient Guardian

Enlightened and aloof, this wise whale is the true guardian of the Grand Krys'kajo. Together with the Son of the East it will combine wave and shock elemental attacks to test a Seeker. Shock balls will stun it, forcing the ape to try and heal it. Who you attack is your choice...

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Ancient Guardian is a teal- and cyan-colored whale. Its bright cyan eyes turn red when it attacks. Its blowhole can shoot explosive projectiles and, somehow, conductors. It is capable of swimming through the leaves of the Grand Krys'kajo like they were water.

Combat[ | ]

All of its attacks are Wave-based, while the Son of the East assists it with Shock-based attacks. It floats over the borders of the arena after each attack, opening an opportunity to break it. The only way to do so is by attacking it with the Shock element.

Phase 1

  • Becomes immune and charges towards the player once.
  • Fires a barrage of projectiles from its left side while moving across the arena from right to left. It simultaneously fires two explosive projectiles directly at the player, indicated by a red crosshair.
  • After breaking, it doesn't become fully vulnerable. Instead, it rests on the upper center of the arena and shoots a Tesla Coil Source and some Tesla Coil Extenders from its blowhole. During the stun, the Son of the East begins firing lightning bolts, which the player can use to activate the T.C. Source and cause the whale to get electrocuted and broken for real, lowering its defense by a lot.
  • If the player takes down the first third of its health, it will retreat and the Son of the East is going to fight by himself until he also loses a third of his health, point where the whale comes back.

Phase 2

  • Charges towards the player twice.
  • During its projectile barrage, it shoots three explosive projectiles.
  • Dives into the leaves and attempts to jump from beneath the player. After doing so, it slams its body into the floor, disappearing and releasing many big projectiles that travel in straight lines.
  • Now, during the first break, one T.C. Extender will be missing. The whale periodically shoots the player with them, also indicated by a red crosshair, so they have to guide their landing in a way that the shock from the Son of the East can travel towards the whale again.
  • If the player is successful, the whale fires two Wave portals, one on the floor and another one high up, while the ape attempts to stabilize it by staying on top of it. When the player teleports to the first portal, they will rise and get in the second portals range. At this point, the player can choose between attacking the whale, or using the portals to jump on it and fight the Son of the East.

Phase 3

  • Dives and jumps twice.
  • Charges towards the player thrice while the ape shoots lightning bolts.
  • Barrage attack stays the same.
  • The player has to align two T.C. Extenders instead of one after breaking the whale once.
  • The whale fires three portals, one on the floor, another one in the middle of the air and the last one even higher. If the player wants to attack the Son of the East, they have to teleport in order, starting by the lowest one and ending on the highest one.

Enraged phase

  • Only occurs if the Son of the East is defeated first.
  • Fires four explosive projectiles during its barrage.
  • Charges thrice at an even faster speed.
  • Dives and jumps twice, but now teleports midair over the player to slam them.
  • The Tesla Coil puzzle is removed. The whale only needs to be broken once and requires less hits to break.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Defeat whichever boss you consider the hardest first. Their enraged attacks are considerably harder to dodge in comparison to their usual ones.
  • Cover the least distance possible while the whale does its barrage attack. If you get too close to the border, the explosive projectiles are sure to push you off the edge. You can also dodge the barrage by using a dash art.
  • You can break the whale faster if you use melee attacks instead of ranged, however, this is a riskier strategy. The danger is low if you can predict the moment when the whale will begin attacking again.
  • Its body slam can be dodged by dashing up or down.

Locations[ | ]

Grand Krys'kajo
  • Crowning Tops

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This is the only boss fight in the game to feature two bosses at the same time.
  • The Ancient Guardian is also the only boss to be referred to as "WHALE" in its health bar instead of "BOSS".