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The Ancients are a race of aliens that used to live on Shadoon. They are mostly known for creating the Track of the Ancients, a planet-spanning parkour track that served as an assessment of social standing, combining mechanical and organic technology into a semi-intelligent system. They believed in the Gods of Shape, whose presence is frequently seen while completing the Track.


The Ancients are a name given to an archaic race who supposedly once lived on the planet of Shadoon. It is assumed that they left to other worlds a long time before the humans arrived for unknown reasons.
Remnants of their existence can be found in the Track of the Ancients and various ruins all across the planet.

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Legacy of the Ancients[ | ]

A long time ago, the Ancients apparently left Shadoon for an unknown reason. The descendants of the few who remained are now known as the Shad, and while they carry on the philosophies of the Ancients, they have lost most of their technology. In addition to the Track, further ruins of the Ancient civilization litter the planet, most notably in Autumn's Fall. Their technological secrets are believed to be of tremendous benefit to humanity, which is why Operation Trackwalker seeks to complete the Track of the Ancients and discover whatever knowledge awaits us at the end.