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The Aranetarda is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Sapphire Ridge and a secret area in Autumn's Fall.


Mostly found in caves in Sapphire Ridge, this supersized spider is the nightmare of many miners. It slows downs its prey and then attacks with a deafening scream. In groups it teams up with other Aranetardas. Watch out as it leaps up with ice cold power.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Aranetarda is a white four-legged insect with pink eyes, along with a green and white head and abdomen. Its "feet" are black and pointy, and despite looking like a spider and being referred to as such, it has only four legs.

Combat[ | ]

In single combat, it can either shoot webs under the player's feet that stay for a while and slow down their movement, or run towards them and scream like an Angler, dealing Wave damage. If encountered in groups, three of them can prepare an attack where their defense is raised temporarily and one of them jumps and falls on the player doing Cold damage in a small area.

Strategies[ | ]

The one that jumps during the group attack has particles flying from the others towards it, so watch out for its jump and dodge right when it falls. Stay away from the webs because they make it really hard to dodge their attacks, especially since most of the time they attack in groups of three or more and can overwhelm you.

Even though the ones at Autumn's Fall have a greater level than yours when you start exploring that area, you can still defeat them by jumping on the small platform surrounded by water and pushing them out constantly until they die.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall
  • Villa of Terror (x4, non-respawning)
Sapphire Ridge
  • North West Path (x1)
  • Eroded Passage (x17)
  • North East Path (x2)
  • Spider Chasm (x27)
  • Flower Lake (x4)
  • Narrow Passage (x28)
  • Carved Pathway (x5)
  • Wheel Passage (x27)
  • Old Dojo (x2)
  • High Ground (x1) / (x2 when chasing Henry)
  • Henry's Hideout[1]
  • Baton Pond (x10)
  • The Barracks (x9, non-respawning)
During the Trial of Vigor and the Ring of Spiders minigame:
  • Nesting Grounds (Does not drop items)
  1. During Henry boss fight.

Gallery[ | ]