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The Argeby is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Gaia's Garden.


Believe it or not this plant is controlled by sentient water. Researchers believe that NANO-MACHINES have concentrated into a puddle of water which jumped to a plant to form this being. It may look vicious but will only attack when provoked. Using the embedded NANO-MACHINES it can use wave teleportation to trick its enemies and attack from behind.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Argeby resembles a carnivorous plant. Its head or “bud” is red, with green leaves on its back and a massive jaw. The rest of its body is composed of a brown stem, green leaves around its base and blue berries covering its roots.

Combat[ | ]

Argeby solely bites to attack. It can teleport immediately before or after it attacks, and if it does teleport, it shines green and dashes into the player. Dodging this dash and making the Argeby hit a wall will leave it stunned for a few seconds.

Strategies[ | ]

They'll flash red whenever they are about to bite, however, they still attack pretty fast so keeping your distance is a safer bet. They are also similar to Mad Bovines; lure them into a wall and attack while they are stunned.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
  • Jungle Entrance (x2)
  • Crossroad (x1)
  • Overgrown Path (x1)
  • Drizzle Bosk (x3)
  • Wet Passage (x3)
  • River's Bed (x2)
  • Splitting Stumps (x2)
  • Clinging River (x1)
  • Ringing River (x1)
  • Old Timber (x1)
  • Tying Greens (x1)
  • Peridot Approach (x1)
  • Vr'da Vil North (x4)
  • Calm Backyard (x1)
So'najiz Temple
  • Trial of Base Colors (x1) / (x3 on first visit)
Grand Krys'kajo
  • East Branch (x6, non-respawning)
Rhombus Square
Only during the DLC exclusive quest Lost and On the Run:
  • South Arch (x1)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Argeby is a play on the initialism RGB (Red, Green and Blue), which coincidentally is all 3 colors of the Argeby.
  • The description of the Palette Blossom that the Argeby sometimes drops also references this color model.