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This page collects artwork related to CrossCode.

Artbook[ | ]

CrossCode has an official artbook, which was originally released in PDF form as an Indiegogo reward, and later re-released as a hardcover book as part of the Collector's Edition. This book showcases a large collection of concept art, stream drawings and promotional art. While the stream drawings and promotional art have been made available elsewhere, much of the concept art was exclusive to the artbook. This concept art has been shared here with permission, and is found in the #Concept Art, #Design Work and #Area Overviews sections below.

Key Promotional Art and Covers[ | ]

Animation[ | ]

The CrossCode release trailer includes two custom animation clips of Lea.

Stream Drawings[ | ]

Game development livestreams for CrossCode were typically hosted every Sunday during the development period, and often ended with Lachsen drawing some artwork related to the game. These are collected here.

Concept Art[ | ]

The concept art of characters, enemies and areas that has been released is gathered here.

Design Work[ | ]

A few examples of design work on CrossCode have been shared, and are shown here.

Area Overviews[ | ]

Several of the areas in CrossCode have had overview maps released, which are created by splicing images of the individual rooms together.

Event Drawings[ | ]

Drawings made for specific events and announcements are shown here.

Miscellaneous Artwork[ | ]

This section contains additional artwork that does not fit into the categories above.