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Ascended Equipment is a collection of special items exclusive to the A New Home DLC.

Instead of a definitive level marker box, these items' stat bonuses ascend/increase as the wearer levels up, which is denoted by an orange box with a curving up arrow. Only the equipment's stats raise, not the power of Modifiers such as Icon-Modifier-Solid-Guard Solid Guard and Icon-Modifier-Legwork Legwork.

Most of it has to be acquired through crafting with endgame equipment and acts as stronger versions of it, but only stats-wise since modifiers also stay the same between the original piece of equipment and the ascended one. Because of this, it can be considered a downgrade if you are low Level or playing on New Game Plus with the Disable EXP modifier without carrying your level over.

List of Ascended Equipment[ | ]

Arms Head Torso Legs