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Autumn's Rise is a location in CrossWorlds. It is a large, forested area crisscrossed by rivers where it appears to be permanently autumn. This is the first area Seekers explore when they exit Rookie Harbor.

Autumn's Rise

Autumn's Rise is a temperate area that seems to be in a state of permanent autumn. It's the first area a Seeker has to travel through. The Fauna mainly consists of Hedgehags and Rockin' Hillkats but the area also contains some rather nasty Mad Bovines to deal with.

Going off-path in Autumn's Rise might lead to interesting places such as the Old Observatory in the south-west of the area.

-Encyclopedia entry


Autumn's Rise stretches in a roughly east-west direction between Rookie Harbor and Bergen Trail. The halfway point of the area is Obelisk Lake, where a large obelisk serves as a waypoint and hosts a small group of traders. In the southwest stands a mysterious abandoned observatory. To the north is a small guild village known as Autumn Residences.

Most of the area can be accessed immediately, with the exception of Autumn Residences, which is unlocked when you meet the First Scholars after reaching Bergen Village, and the Inner Observatory, which is opened during The Observatory.

Connecting Regions[]

The regions adjacent to Autumn's Rise are Rookie Harbor via Entrance, Bergen Trail via Ending Pathway, and Autumn's Fall later on via Normal Clearing.


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Rooms of Autumn's Rise
# Room/Landmark Name Floor
1 Entrance

Landmark: Western Exit

2 Pathway 1 GF
3 Quiet Passage 1 GF
4 Quiet Passage 2 GF
5 Hedgehag's Den GF
6 Normal Clearing GF
7 Pathway 2 GF
8 Off Road 1 GF
9 Off Road 2 GF
10 Pathway 3 GF
11 Obelisk Lake

Landmark: Old Obelisk

12 Drippy Den GF
13 Pathway 4 GF
14 Old Observatory

Landmark: Old Observatory

15 Pathway 5 GF
16 Pathway 6 GF
17 Pathway 7 GF
18 Ending Pathway

Landmark: Northern Exit

19 Autumn Residences

Landmark: Autumn Residences

20 Last Minute Heroes Plaza GF
21 First Scholars Home GF
22 First Scholars HQ (GF) GF
23 First Scholars HQ (1F) 1F
24 Last Minute Heroes HQ GF GF
25 Last Minute Heroes HQ 1F 1F
26 Hillkat Cave GF
27 Inner Observatory GF


Click the map for a full-resolution image.

Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-default.png Normal 5 × Item-consumable-white.pngSandwich Entrance
2 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Trade-white.pngGold Beetle Pathway 1 Trying to open the chest aggros the nearby Hedgehags. Defeat them to open it.
3 Treasure-default.png Normal 5 × Item-consumable-white.pngHi-Sandwich Normal Clearing
4 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Trade-gold.pngMasterball Normal Clearing Step on the button in the northwest corner to spawn the chest.
5 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Item-consumable-bronze.pngTofu Cracker Quiet Passage 1
6 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 × Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles Quiet Passage 2 Enter from Quiet Passage 1 on the south upper ledge to reach here.
7 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × LV01Weapon-platinum.pngBroken Gauntlet Hedgehag's Den Spawn and defeat the Blue Hedgehag to find this chest.
8 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Item-consumable-bronze.pngFlaming Bun Pathway 2
9 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Item-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Salad Pathway 3
10 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 × Item-consumable-bronze.pngGreen Leaf Tea Obelisk Lake Use the south entrance from Pathway 3 to reach here.
11 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 × Trade-gold.pngGolden Triangle Obelisk Lake Get the Valuable-key.pngThief's Key to open this chest.
12 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Item-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Wraps Off Road 1
13 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Valuable-key.pngGeo-Data #3469 Off Road 1 Spawns as part of the Digging for Data quest
14 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × LV11Hat-silver.pngCooling Veil Off Road 2
15 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 × Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin Pathway 4
16 Treasure-default.png Normal 6 × Trade-bronze.pngTwilight Dew Pathway 4
17 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada Pathway 4
18 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Trade-gold.pngDungeon Heart Old Observatory
19 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × LV13Weapon-silver.pngDaikon Pathway 5
20 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Trade-gold.pngBlue Shell Pathway 5
21 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Valuable-key.pngAutumn Ingredients Pathway 5 Chest spawns as part of the Bull Grab quest
22 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Valuable-key.pngWeird Hillkat Tech Hillkat Cave Chest spawns as part of the It can dig, but it can't hide! quest
23 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Trade-silver.pngAzure Dragonfly Pathway 6 Enter from Pathway 7 on upper ledge to reach this
24 Treasure-default.png Normal 6 × Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps Pathway 6 Enter from Pathway 7 on upper ledge to reach this
25 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × LV13Torso-silver.pngAssault Vest Pathway 6 Hit the set of linked switches to spawn. Both switches and chest are reached from Pathway 7 on the upper ledge
26 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 × Item-consumable-white.pngChef Sandwich Pathway 7 Take the west ledge to Pathway 6 and return on the east ledge to reach this
27 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Item-consumable-bronze.pngSweet Lemonjuice Pathway 7 Take the west ledge to Pathway 6 and return on the east ledge to reach this
28 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 × Trade-silver.pngGolden Satchel Ending Pathway Start on the upper right side (height level of the exit) and activate the timer switch on the upper left part
29 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 × Trade-gold.pngHalcyon Droplet Drippy Den Visit the cave first from the left and solve the puzzle to gain access on the right side


Enemies of Autumn's Rise
Name Sprite Drops Locations
Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles, Item-consumable-white.pngSandwich, Trade-gold.pngRuby[1] Entrance, Pathway 1, Normal Clearing, Quiet Passage 1, Quiet Passage 2, Hedgehag's Den, Pathway 2, Pathway 3, Off Road 1, Off Road 2, Obelisk Lake, Pathway 4, Old Observatory, Pathway 5
Old Hedgehag
Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles, Item-consumable-silver.pngChili Con Carne, Trade-gold.pngRuby[1] Quiet Passage 1, Quiet Passage 2, Hedgehag's Den, Pathway 3[2], Obelisk Lake, Pathway 4, Old Observatory, Pathway 5, Pathway 6, Pathway 7, Ending Pathway
Flying Hedgehag
Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles[3] Off Road 2[4]
Rockin' Hillkat
Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps, Item-consumable-white.pngHi-Sandwich, Trade-gold.pngRuby[1] Pathway 1, Normal Clearing, Quiet Passage 1, Pathway 2, Pathway 3, Off Road 1, Off Road 2, Obelisk Lake, Pathway 4, Hillkat Cave[5]
Flamin' Hillkat
Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps, Item-consumable-bronze.pngFlaming Bun, Trade-gold.pngRuby[1] Pathway 4, Old Observatory, Pathway 5, Pathway 6, Pathway 7, Ending Pathway, Hillkat Cave
Chillin' Hillkat
Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps[3] Normal Clearing[6]
Mad Bovine
Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin, Trade-silver.pngRaw Meat, Trade-gold.pngRuby[1] Pathway 3, Off Road 2, Obelisk Lake
Red Eyed Bovine
Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin, Trade-silver.pngRaw Meat, Trade-gold.pngRuby[1] Pathway 3[2], Old Observatory, Pathway 5, Pathway 6, Pathway 7, Ending Pathway
Blue Hedgehag (boss)
2x Item-consumable-silver.pngChili Dog, Trade-gold.pngGolden Ring Hedgehag's Den[7]
Hillkat Bandleader (boss)
Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps, Item-consumable-white.pngChef Sandwich Hillkat Cave[5]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 With Item-add-on.pngRise Booster enabled
  2. 2.0 2.1 Spawns during Intensive Tree Care quest
  3. 3.0 3.1 Additional drops not obtainable because rank is disabled during this encounter
  4. Spawns during A Switch in Altitude quest (Switch exclusive)
  5. 5.0 5.1 Spawns during It can dig, but it can't hide! quest
  6. Spawns during Points of Power quest
  7. Spawns after defeating all Hedgehags in Hedgehag's Den, then attempting to open the chest that appears


Destroyable Contents
Alpha Ball Plant
20 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Commonly found everywhere. 10 to unlock
Beta Ball Plant
20 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Commonly found everywhere. 10 to unlock
Omega Ball Plant
8 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Rarely found on high grounds. 4 to unlock
Alpha Water Blades
20 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Mostly found near Water. 10 to unlock
Beta Water Blades
10 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Mostly found near Water. 10 to unlock
Omega Water Blades
7 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Rarely found on hard to reach places near water. 4 to unlock


A small group of traders is located by the obelisk in Obelisk Lake.

  • Player Trader (consumables) — Located in Obelisk Lake.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
2x SpicyBun FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngSpicy Bun 50 1x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
2x FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Drink 50 1x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
2x RiceCracker FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngRice Cracker 50 1x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set
2x VeggieSticks FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Sticks 50 1x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set
  • Player Trader (equipment) — Located in Obelisk Lake.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV11Weapon-silver.pngCivilian Trigger 1740 3x Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps, 2x Trade-white.pngJunk Metal
LV11Weapon-silver.pngMugger's Blade 1690 6x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles, 2x Trade-white.pngJunk Metal
  • Player Trader (enemy drops) — Located in Obelisk Lake.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles 100 2x Trade-white.pngJunk Metal, 1x Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada
Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps 150 2x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles, 2x Trade-white.pngAutumn Leaves
Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin 250 2x Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps, 2x Trade-bronze.pngSeason Apples
  • Player Trader (trade components) — Located in Obelisk Lake.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set 100 2x Trade-white.pngAutumn Leaves, 1x Trade-bronze.pngTwilight Dew
Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set 100 2x Trade-white.pngGold Beetle, 1x Trade-bronze.pngSeason Apples
Trade-silver.pngSpice Set 250 1x Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada, 1x Trade-silver.pngAzure Dragonfly
Trade-white.pngJunk Metal 90 2x Trade-white.pngAutumn Leaves, 2x Trade-white.pngGold Beetle


The quests that can be started in Autumn's Rise are:


Main article: Trophies
There is no Cow Level
Visit the Perfectly Normal Tree in Normal Clearing.
Gotta go Fast
Defeat the Blue Hedgehag.
Autumn Landmarks
Find all landmarks in Autumn's Rise.
Autumn's Scavenger
Obtain all chests in Autumn's Rise; see #Chests.

A New Home DLC Changes[]

The only change introduced to Autumn's Rise in the A New Home DLC is the addition of a new entrance leading to Homestedt.

Connecting Regions[]

Role in the Plot[]

In CrossWorlds[]

New Seekers pass through Autumn's Rise on their way to the Temple Mine. This is the first free-roam area in CrossWorlds, and therefore serves as a beginner's area with low-level enemies.

In CrossCode[]

As the First Scholars HQ is located in Autumn's Rise, Lea returns here numerous times over the course of CrossCode.

Lea initially passes through Autumn's Rise traveling with Emilie. Along the way, they are confronted by Apollo, who challenges Lea to a duel once she reaches Bergen Trail.

Lea and Emilie later return to Autumn's Rise to meet up with Schneider, who takes them to visit his guild, the First Scholars. Here, they meet Hlin, Albert and Buggy. Lea and Emilie decide to join the guild, but are told they must complete the Temple Mine and take part in a quiz first.

After completing the dungeon, Lea and Emilie return to the guild. Despite Lea's speech synchronization issues, both girls are able to pass the quiz and officially join the guild. Lea then logs off for the night, before heading to Maroon Valley the next day.

Later, after the Chase of the Hologram Frobbit quest, Lea returns to the First Scholars HQ for a briefing about the Para Island raid. She logs off for the night, and heads to the raid the next morning.

After escaping from Vermillion Wasteland, Lea goes to the guild to meet up with Emilie. However, Emilie seems to blame her for disappearing from the raid... Lukas then shows up, with no memory of Vermillion Wasteland, causing Lea to panic and run away. Sergey then reveals to her the truth he suspected about Luke.

After completing the first dungeon in Gaia's Garden, Lea returns to the guild to reunite with the other guild members. She logs out for the night, before leaving the next day to run the second dungeon.

After completing the Grand Krys'kajo, C'tron calls Lea back to the guild, where it is revealed that they are planning a second raid. However, Sergey reveals that a security vulnerability in the raid system was likely how Lea was abducted in the first place, so Lea reluctantly declines.

After finally meeting with Satoshi, Sergey gets Lea to return to the guild in order to confirm that he can use the projector there to create a hologram of himself. Lea logs off for the night. The next morning, C'tron reveals that he will be taking a break from the game. Hlin also shows up, and hints that Albert is meeting with someone in Rhombus Square...

During the good ending story line, Lea returns to the guild, and with much difficulty convinces Albert to meet with her. Sergey then reveals himself to him, and the two arrange to talk outside the game. Lea logs off, and the next day she returns to the news that Albert has been able to set up a meeting between Lea and Ivan.

After the final plans are made for the attack on Vermillion Wasteland, Lea returns to the First Scholars HQ and gathers all her friends together. Sergey then shows up as a hologram, and finally explains Lea's situation to them. Everyone agrees to help Lea recover the Evotar Server, and they leave to prepare for heading to Vermillion Wasteland.

A few months after the end of the main story, the members of the First Scholars gather in the guild house, and Sergey shares with them Lea's fate.

During the A New Home DLC, Lea returns to the First Scholars HQ for a briefing on their new attempt to run the Para Island raid.

Challenges and secrets[]

In the Hedgehag's Den area, defeating all enemies will cause the Blue Hedgehag miniboss to spawn. Defeating this enemy is necessary for the A Promise is a Promise sidequest.

The Autumn's Rise Observatory is located in the area. It can be accessed in the last part of the quest chain A Promise is a Promise.

There is a Perfectly Ordinary Tree located in the Normal Clearing area. Its presence is completely irrelevant. There seem to be similarly shaped things in different regions.

The Drippy Den is a hidden cave area accessible from Pathway 4 and Off Road 2 by jumping across the water.

To the south of First Scholars Home, there is a sign that can only be reached through long jumping or other exploits. The sign reads "There's no easter egg here".