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For the lore surrounding Avatars, see Avatar

Avatars are the constructed bodies that players use to navigate and play in CrossWorlds. At a few of points in CrossCode, there is a PVP segment where you fight another player as an opponent. The first of these is a fight against Apollo, fairly early on in the game. Each of these duels happens only once, regardless of whether you win or lose. These fights are different from other fights against enemy monsters, in that each duel is a series of a maximum of nine battles, and which Avatar first wins five battles wins.

Below is a list of some of the Avatars you can fight on your journey through CrossCode.

Name and Class Location
Apollo (Spheromancer) Bergen Trail, Maroon Valley, Gaia's Garden, Rhombus Square (A New Home DLC)
Shizuka (Spheromancer) Old Hideout
Lily (Hexacast) Rhombus Square (A New Home DLC)

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