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The Baby Pillar is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Autumn's Fall during raids.

Baby Pillar

These small pillars are used to attack a Big Pillar. Usually a group of them must be defeated to create a chain reaction that will hurt its bigger companion. To defend themselves they will jump on their attacker leaving symbols on the ground that will summon elemental attacks.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Baby Pillars are grey blocks with many cracks and a colored circle in the middle of their top face. This circle can be either red, blue, purple, green, or black.

Combat[ | ]

It sits still until provoked. In its first attack it jumps, tries to fall on top of the player and shoots two non-damaging elemental rhombuses, while in the second one it simply charges in place and shoots one rhombus. These are directed at the player, slow down quickly after being shot and explode after slowing down enough. Their damage type depends on the Baby Pillar’s color.

Baby Pillars won’t be destroyed after lowering their health to 0; instead, they will stop attacking and begin trembling in place. To effectively destroy them, both teams have to “defeat” all the Baby Pillars of the same color. If Pillars of the wrong color are “defeated”, they will regenerate their health after some time or after the Pillars of the correct color are destroyed.

In the Raid rematch, exclusive to the A New Home DLC, passive Pillars will intermittently hide their color by turning their circle black, forcing the player to remember which Pillar they should attack first.

Strategies[ | ]

Since they aren’t normally aggressive, you should get rid of all the other enemies first. You might also stick to fighting them on Neutral mode because they have no weaknesses.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall
  • Para Island 2 (Heat and Cold x2, only during the Raid and its rematch)
  • Para Island 3 (Heat and Cold x4, Shock and Wave x2, only during the Raid) / (Heat x6, Cold x1, Shock x2, Wave x4, only during the Raid rematch)
  • Para Island Cave (x2 of each, only during the Raid and its rematch)

Gallery[ | ]