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Throwing Balls is one of the four basic Combat actions, along with Melee, Guarding, and Dashing. The proper name for Balls is VRPs (Virtual Ricochet Projectiles), and all Avatars of CrossWorlds use them as ranged attacks, appearing as the iconic shape for their class. As a Spheromancer, Lea's VRPs are spherical.

Regular or Charged[ | ]

Ball throwing is literally straightforward; balls travel straight in the direction thrown until they hit a surface or valid target, and such a target takes damage. Lea is not accurate from an idle stance, so you must spend time aiming to get good shots. The balls can be immediately thrown one after another for a consistent barrage, or held longer to charge up. Charged balls do more damage per hit, but the time spent to charge usually results in lower damage over time. Charged balls also inflict Status Conditions, ricochet off walls up to 3 times without losing speed, don't contribute to elemental load, and break certain monsters. VRPs are affected by elements, just like VPIs.

VRPs in Puzzles[ | ]

VRPs, especially charged ones, are the main tool to solve puzzles in CrossCode. They are used to activate switches, solve ricochet puzzles, launch keys into locks, knock around bombs and bubbles, and make a variety of changes specific to their element. There are also ball changers, which change the way a ball behaves; they can turn a ball into a certain element, change its direction or slow it down.

Combat Arts[ | ]

Throw Combat Arts are executed by charging while aiming. The next ball can be charged while executing the art, so it can be thrown as a charged ball the instant the art finishes. This is most apparent when using a controller.

Throw Arts
Level Neutral Wave Shock Cold Heat
Ball-of-steel-icon Ball of Steel
Bullet-rain-icon Bullet Rain
Fae Round -icon Fae Round
Essence Drain -icon Essence Drain
Diving Spark -icon Diving Spark
Homing Wisp Homing Wisp
Snow-flawke-icon Snow Flawke
Hail-flurry-icon Hail Flurry
Burn!-icon Burn!
Ball of Boomerang-icon Ball of Boomerang
Bullet Inferno-icon Bullet Inferno
Elven Orb-icon Elven Orb
Vital Pulse -icon Vital Pulse
Chain Blitz -icon Chain Blitz
Radiant Swarm -icon Radiant Swarm
Frigid-flawke-icon Frigid Flawke
Hail-storm-icon Hail Storm
Flare Burn!-icon Flare Burn!
Ether-snipe-icon Ether Snipe
Wave-motion-beam-icon Wave Motion Beam
Mjölnir-icon Mjölnir
Celestial-legion-icon Celestial Legion
Gatling-arctillery-icon Gatling Arctillery

Trivia[ | ]

In the first versions of CrossCode the character used to stop walking while aiming a ball. For testing Lachsen removed that and found out that it was far smoother to play the game without stopping.

Gallery[ | ]