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The Balooneer is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Azure Archipelago.


While the Angler usually becomes quite loud when forced to fight, these colorful fish will puff up and transform into a literal flamethrower. Keep away from them use cold based attacks to cool them down.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

A Balooneer is a floating red fish with black, beady eyes, an open mouth, two small fins, three green “antennas” attached to its back and a pair of green sacks over its cheeks that it can puff up to spew out different projectiles.

Combat[ | ]

It floats away from the player and occasionally fires three homing Wave projectiles. After hitting it with enough Balls, it breaks, gets close to the player and begins spewing fire like a flamethrower in a short-ranged cone. It can be broken again and stunned with Cold attacks, but only while it is charging up flames or spewing fire.

Strategies[ | ]

Cold Combat Arts that hit multiple times such as Ice Tornado-icon Ice Tornado and Hail-flurry-icon Hail Flurry can be used to break them right before they begin spewing fire. For the first break, preferably stay on Neutral mode to prevent an inconvenient elemental overload.
If you have a piece of equipment with the Riposte modifier, you can perfect guard their entire flamethrower attack. This can be of great help for unlocking the I know all the I-Frames and You Can't Touch This achievements.

Locations[ | ]

Azure Archipelago
  • Isle of Legend (x4)
  • UFO Island (x2)
  • Rough Lagoon (x2)
  • Shallow Shore (x5)
  • Bird Skull Approach (x4)
  • Dover's Cliffs (x4)
  • Altar of the Key (x2, non-respawning)
Only during the Salty Detox quest.
  • Isle of Legend (x5)

Gallery[ | ]