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Many sidequests are available for players in Basin Keep. There are currently two levels of quests for each faction. There are also a couple of independent quests available, and a main storyline quest that is mandatory to progress.

Storyline Quest[ | ]

LVL 40 An Infested Village
LocIconLarge Major's Office Unlock Conditions: None
QuestGiverIcon K'tara The Shad of the Village V'rda Vil in Gaia's Garden are getting attacked by strange cats and blaming the humans and their power plant. Solve the situation to avoid any further escalations.
  • EXP (500 at same level)
  • 6000 credits
  • Meet the Shad in front of the Quest Hub in Basin Keep
  • Meet K'tara again at the landmark in V'rda Vil East in the south east of Gaia's Garden
  • Follow K'tarato the left side of V'rda Vil North
  • Get the Stone KeyStone Key from the tree house in V'rda Vil North
  • Meet K'tara again at the landmark in V'rda Vil East
  • Follow K'tara to the hidden passage at the Clinging River
  • Find the source of the infection in Chief's Den
  • Defeat the summoning enemies
  • Return to K'tara at the left side of Chief's Den
  • Talk to K'tara in V'rda Vil West at the tree in the lake

Faction Quests[ | ]

All factions in Basin Keep currently have two levels of quests. The second becomes available after beating the first one and completing both So'najiz and Zir'vitar temples.

Basin Police Force[ | ]

LVL 40 Hostage Situation
LocIconLarge Basin Police Force HQ Unlock Conditions: None
QuestGiverIcon Sgt. Bronzler An organized criminal group of Papagun, called the "Papagang", has stormed an office and taken hostages. You have to save those civilians!
  • Talk to Offc. Nailson in front of Clipson Tower located in Basin Keep
  • Attempt to negotiate with the Papagangsters
    • Negotiations will always humorously fail due to Lea's limited vocabulary
  • Rescue the hostages on 1F and 2F
    • Shooting a hostage and causing a Papagangster to panic by being too close to it will lose a hostage
    • Losing three hostages fails the quest
    • The hostages may be safely rescued by ricocheting the bullets against the angled walls around the building
  • Report back to Sgt. Bronzler
LVL 47 High Crating
LocIconLarge Basin Police Force HQ Unlock Conditions: Complete Hostage Situation quest and the So'najiz and Zir'vitar temples
QuestGiverIcon Sgt. Bronzler The "Papagang" has managed to rob several crates of precious fruits and are now hiding on a rooftop. You must return those stolen goods!
  • Talk to Offc. Nailson in front of Clipson Tower located in Basin Keep
  • Defeat the Papagangsters located on XXth floor in Clipson Tower and proceed to the rooftop
  • Load all crates onto the platforms around the area
    • Crates may be loaded by shooting Shock bullets at the magnets on the platforms after pushing crates within range
  • Report back to Sgt. Bronzler

Basin Trade Partnership[ | ]

LVL 40 Tropical Chill
LocIconLarge Basin Trade Partnership HQ Unlock Conditions: None
QuestGiverIcon Mrs Basu Cooling devices have been stolen from Basin Keep. You are tasked to find the thief and bring them back
  • Head to the Old Timber cave located in Gaia's Garden
  • Navigate the cave
    • The cooling devices littered around the cave can be deactivated with Heat shots and reactivated with Cold shots
  • Report back to Mrs Basu
LVL 47 Melting this Cold Fiend
LocIconLarge Basin Trade Partnership HQ Unlock Conditions: Complete Tropical Chill quest and the So'najiz and Zir'vitar temples
QuestGiverIcon Mrs Basu A powerful heater has been constructed to break through the icy wall. Now it is your turn to finally bring back the stolen cooling devices
  • Talk to the NPC near the impassable icy wall from Tropical Chill located in Old Timber cave, [Gaia's Garden]
  • Use the powerful heater to melt the icy wall and navigate the cave
  • Defeat Karotto Fruitseeker
    • The cooling machines placed around the area regenerate Karotto Fruitseeker's health. Teleporting the powerful heater using Wave next to the machine Karotto Fruitseeker is near and overloading it with Shock will both disable machine and apply Break to Karotto Fruitseeker, opening up a window to attack
  • Report back to Mrs Basu

Gaia's Gardeners[ | ]

LVL 40 Lakeside Escort
LocIconLarge Gaia's Gardeners HQ Unlock Conditions: None
QuestGiverIcon Claude Reynes Gaia's Gardeners needs to investigate the water quality of the Grove in Gaia's Garden. You have to protect their specialist while she takes samples
  • Head to Royal Grove checkpoint in Gaia's Garden
  • Follow the specialist around as she takes water samples
    • Waves of Anglers and Gellerics will spawn and will display a warning sign above their heads shortly before they attack the specialist
  • Return to Claude Reynes
LVL 47 Rooting for Power
LocIconLarge Gaia's Gardeners HQ Unlock Conditions: Complete Lakeside Escort quest and the So'najiz and Zir'vitar temples
QuestGiverIcon Claude Reynes
  • Defeat the Amperys scattered around western [Gaia's Garden]
    • Amperrys are disguised as purple flower buds but will aggro if shot or if approached
    • Seeker sense may be used to tell Amperys are located in the same area as Lea and the direction they are in, look for the purple targeting icons on the edges of the screen
  • Report back to Claude Reynes
  • Defeat Buff Bloomy
  • Report back to Claude Reynes

Woodland Vanguard[ | ]

LVL 40 Turret Defense
LocIconLarge Woodland Vanguard HQ Unlock Conditions: None
QuestGiverIcon Kacela Madaki The Woodland Vanguard are having an excavation in a cave and prepared some defensive devices to protect it against angry critters. Now the need a Seeker to operate those!
  • Enter the Grubby Cave on Calm Backyard in Gaia's Garden
  • Defend the Pathhacker from the waves of enemies that spawn
    • Waves of shielded enemies spawn in a tower defense-styled minigame. Attack shielded enemies will damage the player
    • Defeating enemies adds to the energy meter on the top right
    • Turrets can be activated at the cost of 25 energy by applying Break on turrets, then using a charged shot. Neutral, Heat and Cold shots activate turrets with their respective element. Neutral turrets negate shields while Heat/Cold turrets attack with the respective element.
  • Report back to Kacela Madaki
LVL 47 An Original Idea
LocIconLarge Woodland Vanguard HQ Unlock Conditions: Complete Turret Defense quest and the So'najiz and Zir'vitar temples
QuestGiverIcon Kacela Madaki The Woodland Vanguard's excavation has finally progressed. Now they need help with operating those defensive devices again, so the secret's of the temple can be salvaged
  • Enter the newly opened Temple on Innovation from Grubby Cave in Gaia's Garden
  • Defend the Pathhacker again from the waves of enemies that spawn
    • Neutral shots create turrets that negate shields, while elemental shots create turrets that shoot with the respective element.
    • Compared to Turret Defense, more waves spawn with denser numbers of enemies. Additionally, variants of Bovines spawn which effectively act as the bosses of the waves.
  • Report back to Kacela Madaki

Independent Quests[ | ]

LVL 42 Pumpkin Land Superfun
LocIconLarge Centrum Unlock Conditions: None
QuestGiverIcon The Boosi Man A huge businessman asks you for help to build a new attraction! Of course it boils down to collecting items again.
  • Find and defeat the seven Jack'On'Fires in the infested area of Basin Keep:
    • In a hole in the west of Seared Lake
    • To the north of Seared Lake
    • x2 at the north end of Infested Marches North
    • In the southeast corner of Infested Marches North, blocked by several puzzles
    • On a high arch over the path in Infested Marches South
    • In the northeast corner of Lost Lookout
  • Speak to the Boosi Man again, and enter Pumpkin Fun Land
  • Navigate the maze of Pumpkin Fun Land
  • Defeat the swarm of Flamezers

Hidden Quests[ | ]

These quests do not appear on the Basin Keep quest board, and can only be found by finding the questgiver.

LVL 42 Sprouting Business
LocIconLarge Pond Slums Unlock Conditions: Complete Zir'vitar Temple
QuestGiverIcon Mick Calzone Mick Calzone is in need of help. His father tasked him with gathering Venom Mushrooms and Glowspheres from the infected part of the jungle. He is not a fighter and thus asked you for help.
  • EXP (150 at same level)
  • 5000 credits
  • Collect Venom Shrooms and Glowing Spheres in the infested jungle region.
    • 10 Venom Shrooms and 5 Glowing Spheres are required. Both are obtained from Virus Shroom destructibles.
  • Return to Mick in Basin Keep - Pond Slums and give him the goods.
LVL 45 Mushroom Kingdom
LocIconLarge Calzone Basement Unlock Conditions: Complete the Sprouting Business quest
QuestGiverIcon Don Vita Calzone Don Vita wants you to find a way past the guards on special trading route below the city that goes all the way to the infested jungle. Help him and he will grant you a pass to the traders of Pond Slums.
  • EXP (200 at same level)
  • 20000 credits
  • Pond Slums PassPond Slums Pass
  • Access to the Calzone Shop
  • Find Mick Calzone in the Lost Lookout
    • Mick is on a ledge at the north of the area. You will need the Wave element to reach him. Climb up the mushroom between the north entrance and the rope bridge, cross the bridge and head left. At the end, you will be able to shoot a Wave teleporter far to the left and then head clockwise around the edge of the area to Mick.
  • Follow Mick into the cavern
  • Avoid all guards and find a path through the cavern
    • From Mick's location, head left and down avoiding two patrolling guards until you reach the left side of the cave. You can climb to the upper level here. Retrace your steps to Mick and push down a crate, giving yourself a checkpoint.
    • From the crate, it is intended to avoid the single guard blocking the path right, drop down to the ground, and then loop right, down and left, dodging several guards, but it is possible to avoid this by jumping straight down from the crate.
    • Head down and then left, avoiding two guards with long, wandering patrols and a few stationary ones, to the left side of the room. Heading down here leads to a loop with three guards patrolling; wait for the gap between them to sneak through to the end of the room.
  • Report back to Don Vita with the tracker chip
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LVL 45 A Promise Is a Promise 4
LocIconLarge Basin Keep - Echelon Tower Unlock Conditions: Complete the A Promise Is a Promise 3 quest
QuestGiverIcon Ketin D'Kar D'kar asks you to help him find the LV01Broken DeckBroken Deck. If you help him, you apparently also help his children. Go find that Deck!
  • EXP (400 at the same level)
  • 6000 credits
  • Find the LV01Broken DeckBroken Deck in Gaia's Garden
  • The shrine mentioned is located behind the north-most large tree in Royal Grove which is accessible from Calm Backyard
  • The tablet at the lost shrine can only be unlocked after entering the sequence (The Konami code with A and B reversed) found on another tablet in the eastern area of Grand Krys'kajo Entrance (Entering the sequence before reading the tablet in Grand Krys'kajo Entrance will NOT work.)
  • Flashing the Tiefsee Angler by charging the screws located around the area while the Tiefsee Angler is nearby one applies Break, temporarily opening a window to attack
  • Hand over the LV01Broken DeckBroken Deck to D'Kar in Basin Keep - Echelon Tower
LVL 75 The Book of an Old Man
LocIconLarge Pond Slums Unlock Conditions: Trade for the LV51Galaxy Spiral DrillGalaxy Spiral Drill
QuestGiverIcon Old Man You found the book the Old Man you traded with dropped. He mentions Sapphire Ridge. Go find him and return this book!
  • Find the Old Man in the Cave Inn
  • Find the Stones of Origin hidden in the cities of CrossWorlds
    • These Stones are acquired by destroying special Sprouts:
    • Sprout of Truth, found in an old storage room in Rookie Harbor, drops the Stone of TruthStone of Truth
    • Sprout of Valor, found on the top of a house in Bergen Village, drops the Stone of ValorStone of Valor
    • Sprout of Space, found on top of a house in Ba'kii Kum, drops the Stone of SpaceStone of Space
    • Sprout of Spirit, found on top of a building complex in Basin Keep, drops the Stone of SpiritStone of Spirit
    • Sprout of Ages, drops the Stone of AgesStone of Ages, found in a hard to reach area in South Arch in Rhombus Square. Jump on to the cars to cross the street on the South side of LLoyd Passage and head up and to the right so that you are overlooking the road. Look for a square on the floor with moving teal energy, and when a large semi truck passes underneath jump on it. Pass under the broken bridge and then jump on to the next ledge you see (it'll be to the North). Continue heading North and look for a little robot on one of the overhangs attached to the other buildings and proceed left into South Arch. Look North and jump on to the area where two people are talking, and hidden underneath a roof to your right and South you'll find the stone.
      • Get the chest on the roof that you see en route to getting this sprout - it contains the Very Large EmberVery Large Ember that is needed later
  • Return to the Old Man in the Cave Inn, who will ask you to find the Old Smith
  • Head to the Abandoned Cave on Bergen Trail and read the diary, telling you that the Old Smith left for Rhombus Square
  • Head to the Old Smith's house in the Residential District in Rhombus Square and turn in your items for him to forge the Infinity GemInfinity Gem
  • Return to the Cave Inn with the Infinity Gem and he will create the LV65Infinity Spiral DrillInfinity Spiral Drill