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Beach Fight is a level 79 elite quest given by Son of the Beach at Azure Archipelago - Sandy Bar. Completion of Ku'lero Temple as well as the installation of A New Home are prerequisites of this quest.

Tasks[ | ]

  • Defeat the Son of the Beach in single combat

Reaching the Son of the Beach[ | ]

The Son of the Beach is in plain sight in the entrance to Azure Archipelago, however, the player must go around the entire Archipelago backwards through a special path that begins at Dover's Cliffs to reach him. To begin, you have to jump to the left of the Long Jump Panels and then continue jumping on the rocks.


When you reach the piece of land with the Long Jump Panel pointing up, ignore it and step on the grey square that is on the bottom of the land you are on. This is a Wave Teleporter Marker that reveals a Wave Teleporter in front of you. Use it and continue going to the left until you reach the next room. The Long Jump Panel takes you to an isolated place with a Locked Silver Chest. You can go and take it, but consider you will have to start this jumping puzzle from the beginning.


Continue going left and then go up until the next room. Just don't jump down when you see the stone platform that is coming out of the sand. Before the next room you'll reach a section covered in grass where there is a Floor Switch that activates a High Jump Panel, acting as a checkpoint for this puzzle in case you fall off.


In the next room, jump on the rocks until you reach the next one. There will be a One-time Switch close to a Locked Bronze Chest that you must hit to activate a High Jump Panel necessary to continue the puzzle. You can either hit the switch before starting the puzzle since it is accessible without following this path, or jump off the path to hit it and come back using the checkpoint you (hopefully) activated previously.


Keep going without losing height. You'll reach a grassy area with a checkpoint and a different Floor Switch blocked by a Blue Wall. Follow the rock path to their left, press the switch and, before you continue jumping to the right, you have to press a Floor Switch to activate a pair of Long Jump Panels. This switch can be reached by using the Long Jump Panel that is to the right of the checkpoint you just activated, following the jumping path it sent you to and jumping up after using the last Long Jump Panel in that path. This switch can be pressed before beginning the puzzle since you can walk up to where the checkpoint's High Jump Panel is through a slope near the bottom of the room, and this same slope can be used to get to your checkpoint and continue the jumping puzzle.

Now, you have to go right, down, up and right through the rocks until you reach another checkpoint. Walk all the way to the right on the trees and then jump up onto a grassy cliff. Climb it and go right again, now through the rocks.


Keep going right and following the Long Jump Panels until you reach what seems to be a dead end. Behind the rightmost patch of grass there is a Wave Teleporter Marker that will reveal a Wave Teleporter on the bottom right. Use it, get behind the rightmost wall and step on another Wave Teleporter Marker so you can jump over the last set of rocks and reach the entrance once again.

In the entrance, there is one final checkpoint that you can activate and use to get to the end of the puzzle instantly. And with that, you can finally reach the Son of the Beach, who is sitting to the right, close to the sky rail. All of this can be done before unlocking the quest, so you might as well prepare this as soon as you get the Ancient Shade.

Completion Message
You defeated the Son of the Beach and proved that you are the strongest primate on the beach!

Trivia[ | ]

  • This is the only quest given by an enemy instead of a NPC in the game.
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