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Bellwielder is a cameo character found in the game. They can be found in Rhombus Square - Books 'n Worms.

Dialogue[ | ]

  • Bellwielder: "Hello."
  • Lea: "Hi...?"
  • Bellwielder: "Are you looking for a book?"
  • Lea: "... [Shakes head]"
  • Bellwielder: "Okay."
  • Lea: "..."
  • Bellwielder: "So... Just so you know... This is a book store. Not sure what else you hope to find here."
  • Lea: "..."
  • Bellwielder: "*sigh* What am I doing here? I came to this bustling city hoping to get a position in one of their libraries. Yet somehow I ended up in this tiny bookstore."
  • Lea: "Why?"
  • Bellwielder: "Well, apparently they didn't like the fact I'm always carrying this giant bell with me. Because, yes, yes... Libraries are quiet places. I know! What do they expect me to do? Constantly ring the bell like a crazy person? Of course I wouldn't do that! But I just... have to bring it with me, okay? It's complicated."
  • Lea: "..."
  • Bellwielder: "Well at least in this book store they don't mind."

Trivia[ | ]

  • Bellwielder is a cameo from a game called Anuchard.