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The Beta Mouse Bot is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. It is found in Carla's obstacle course on the MS Solar.

Beta Mouse Bot

A small mouse robot used by Carla to teach Lea how to throw at faster moving objects. They won't attack and just run away when you hit them.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Beta Mouse Bot is a small, mouse-shaped robot made of grey metal. It looks identical to its removed variations: the Uber Beta Mouse Bot and the Ultra Mouse with the only difference being the behavior.

Combat[ | ]

Unlike most enemies, the Beta Mouse Bot is not aggressive and is unable to damage Lea. It darts around in random directions, moving in quick bursts and pausing in between. It can drop down platforms, but is unable to climb or jump.

Strategies[ | ]

As Beta Mouse Bots do not attack, no special strategy is needed to defeat them.

Locations[ | ]

M.S. Solar
Cargo Hold 3: x22 fought as part of obstacle course

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Beta Mouse Bot was first introduced in the TechDemo, and is the only enemy to have appeared in all released versions of CrossCode.
  • Despite the Monster Fibula showing that it gives you one experience, it doesn't give you any.