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The Big Pillar is a mechanical boss in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Autumn's Fall during raids.

Mechanical Boss
Big Pillar

This pillar is used as the main foe to fight during the Autumn's Fall Raid. Attacking it directly is not possible, instead the smaller Baby Pillars have to be attacked to reduce its HP. However the more HP it loses the more fierce it will become by using the element it was damaged with to conjure strong elemental attacks. These are only telegraphed by symbols on the ground.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Big Pillar is a black tower that falls from the sky and has a rather irregular shape, with various cubic protuberances coming in or out of it. Based on its behavior, it might actually be some sort of command station.

Combat[ | ]

It is completely immune to direct attacks. The only way to damage and destroy it is by having both teams on the Para Island Raid defeat the Baby Pillars of the same color.

Its only attack method is generating elemental symbols on the ground that unleash an attack over themselves and vanish. It will generate four symbols in a rhombus pattern with the element of the Baby Pillar that is currently being attacked but, after a group of them is destroyed, it will also generate bigger patterns with the symbols of that same element:

  • Heat: Plus symbol.
  • Cold: Oval pattern
  • Shock: Two Cs opposite to each other.
  • Wave: Spiral pattern.

These tend to distort because of the different height levels in the arena, so they won't always look exactly the same.

Strategies[ | ]

Dodge its attacks by walking to the empty spaces between its elemental patterns. You can also lure them into corners to prevent them from occupying too much space.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall
During both the original Para Island Raid and the Raid Rematch in A New Home:
  • Para Island 2 (x1)
  • Para Island 3 (x3)
  • Para Island Cave (x1)

Gallery[ | ]