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The Big Slider is an enemy in CrossWorlds, exclusive to the A New Home DLC. It only appears during the second Para Island Raid attempt and has 4 elemental variations.

Appearance[ | ]

The Big Slider is a bigger Slider that shoots elemental balls at the player, with the color on its top revealing which element it uses to attack. It can retract its cannon and slide on the floor, leaving a trail of white squares while doing so.

Combat[ | ]

The turret blinks red, gets its cannon surrounded by a colored aura, and shoots 4 balls in quick succession. The orange turret uses Heat, the blue one Cold, the green one Wave, and the purple one Shock, but its worth mentioning that, despite doing elemental damage, they don't have any weaknesses aside from taking greater damage while preparing an attack. They are spawned occasionally by the pillars at the back of the arena and cannot be destroyed, as they break and are sent flying towards the other side of the arena instead. The player can also receive one of these broken Big Sliders, and when this happens, they are supposed to push them into the pillar mentioned by their teammates.

Strategies[ | ]

Get rid of them as fast as possible to advance with the Raid, however, getting hit with all 4 of its projectiles can take a toll on your HP, so waiting for them to attack might be a better idea than just rushing them. They also don't take more or less damage from elemental attacks, so you are free to use whatever strategies fit your playstyle the most.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall

  • In the sky (only accesible during the Raid)

Gallery[ | ]