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Blazehoof is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Autumn's Fall, in the Stomping Den, as part of the Bull on Fire quest.

Organic Boss

Formerly a peaceful Ivory Bovine, this proud animal has been afflicted with a painful sickness that turned it into a highly aggressive flaming beast. It did, however still have enough self-control to hide in a remote cave as to not bring any more destruction to its homeland. Its terrifying heat somehow even forms a protective barrier, so defeat it one must face it with the power of Cold and extinguish its raging fire.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Blazehoof, much like an Ivory Bovine, is a bull-like foe with an iron mask covering its front side and some decorative rings on its front legs and its back. Unlike the other bovine, however, Blazehoof is fire themed and appears to be burning the whole time, it also has black fur.

Combat[ | ]

Blazehoof is fought in a circular arena with water blocks around its border, which are indispensable for the fight. It behaves similarly to an Ivory Bovine, but its attacks are more powerful and heat based, also the arena makes it impossible for it to bump on anything but ice blocks, which have to be frozen manually by Lea. It will alternate stomps that cause fiery shockwaves which can melt the ice and charges that, if they cause it to hit an ice block, also create fiery shockwaves, but still leave this boss vulnerable. Upon having its health reduced below a threshold, it will take a stance in the middle and occasionally stomp the ground creating large fiery shockwaves. Hitting it in the back with an ice ball, then an ice disc, will cause it to return to its regular pattern.

Strategies[ | ]

Phase 1

While keeping your distance to avoid the stomp attack flames, wait for it to perform its charge attack animation. Freeze a block and bait it into tackling it but prepare to dodge the "backburst" of flames after the impact; if the block is not frozen it will bounce off with no damage and no flames. Attack its backside, preferably with melee, until the bar is drained.

Phase 2

You will have to break its stance twice. First, it will have a shield of flames all around it and 4 shot redirectors will appear. Fire charged cold balls at the redirector on the opposite side of the bull as Lea to break its stance. Next, waterballs will appear in front of the top and bottom redirectors while the flame shield will only block its front; freeze them and do the same thing as before since shots won't break its stance this time. After that repeat the method for phase 1.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the same as phase 2, but without the redirectors. For the first break you're intended to bounce charge shots off the walls so they hit it in the back, but you can use use Snow Flawke to put ice traps behind it and push it into them with rapid fire (if you're not confident you can bounce them into its back). For the second part you'll have to bounce the frozen waterballs off the blocks to hit it in the back. The last part is slightly different because it will "fake out" a charge and do a stomp first, then charge. Bash it against an ice block and finish the battle.

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