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Please note that this item has been removed from CrossCode and is currently unavailable.

The Blue Cargo Crab was a boss in CrossCode.

Appearance[ | ]

The Blue Cargo Crab is a large robotic crab. Its body is cylindrical and made of dark gray metal, with extensive blue plating along the edges. It has six segmented legs, with blue plating along the upper segment, and two claws. Its left claw is small and blue and greatly resembles an organic crab claw, while its much larger right claw is made of only metal. All legs and claws are attached to its body with large sockets.

At the front of its body, the Blue Cargo Crab has two large eyes, which are normally black, but may display a red icon based on the crab's current activities. On top of its back is a large blue shipping crate, from which it derives its name. While stunned, the crate unfolds into a ramp, revealing a gray crystal hidden inside it.

The Blue Cargo Crab is very similar in appearance to the weaker Huge Hostile Crab, but has a different coloration and the ramp that forms when it gets stunned doesn't have an arrow pointing to its crystal. Also, its crate doesn't go flying before getting stunned.

Combat[ | ]

Phase 1

  • Hits the ground with its metallic claw, causing a red shockwave that homes slightly in the player. The claw itself also deals damage in a small area.
  • Releases a large swarm of bubbles that spread in a cone in front of itself. The bubbles also home slightly in the player.
  • Jumps on the upper half of the arena and aligns itself with the player. It deals damage when it hits the ground.
  • Jumps three times while chasing the player, with each jump going higher than the last one. After its third jump, it stuns itself and the crate on top of it opens, revealing a ramp and a crystal that the player can hit for massive damage. In case enough time passes or the boss advances to its next phase, the crystal causes an explosion around itself, the crate closes removing the ramp, and the crab continues fighting.

Phase 2

  • Hits the ground twice with its metallic claw.
  • Releases more bubbles and they home in the player harder than before.

Phase 3

  • Hits the ground thrice with its metallic claw.
  • Releases even more bubbles with even better homing capabilities.

Strategies[ | ]

  • The crab's single jump attack presents no danger whatsoever if you always stay in the lower half of the arena.
  • Bubbles can be dodged by going to a side and then going up before they spread. The crab can attempt to squash you right after this attack, so be cautious.
  • There is no reason to attack the boss while it isn't stunned since you won't do enough damage to make a difference.
  • The crystal's explosion is signaled by blue sparks suddenly appearing around it. Advancing to the boss' next phase will interrupt the explosion for a moment.

Development Notes[ | ]

  • The Blue Cargo Crab first appeared in the original demo and has been in all subsequent updates until version 0.6.0. It was suppossed to be re-added into the game, however, this wasn't the case.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • There is a spritesheet for a Purple Cargo Crab in the game's files. Its name, cargo-crab-arena.png, implies that it might have been an Arena version of the Huge Hostile Crab that was never implemented into the game.