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Bonus Codes are minor in-game bonuses that can be unlocked by entering a code on the main menu. Bonus Codes are intended to be rewards given out to convention attendees by Radical Fish Games.

Known Bonus Codes[ | ]

Bonus Location Handed Out Code
Gives the Sparkly BootsSparkly Boots item

SparklyBoots sprint

Sparkly Boots dashing

RPC 2015 WoN-Boots
Toggles "High-Quality" Voice acting

(April Fools 2017)

In-Game Best-VA
Unlocks the Holiday Man and the Quest Gifting for Fun! Somewhere Holiday-Man
Activates an idle animation based on this meme


In-Game Caramelldansen
Enables in-game speedlines (April Fools 2019) In-Game Speedlines
Makes some trees more regular (April Fools 2019)

Regular Trees

In-Game Regular-Trees