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Buff Bloomy is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Gaia's Garden as part of the Rooting for Power quest.

Abstract Boss
Buff Bloomy

A Powerplant that seems to radiate an extraordinary excess of power, unusual even for its kind. Investigation suggests that, in a desire to further improve the buffness of its well-toned roots, it turned to dangerous substances that were meant to power experimental generators. Its body and mind were not able to handle it, so it became a danger to itself and others. It will serve as a reminder that improving one's body, no matter if root or flesh, should always be done responsibly!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Buff Bloomy is a flower with lavender petals, yellowish leaves, a purple sack that expels electricity and brown roots it uses to stand up. When provoked, an angry expression will appear in the middle of the flower. It can bring out two purple, brawny arms to attack, but it can also separate its hands from its body to attack from further away.

Combat[ | ]

Whenever a thunderbolt is mentioned, consider that it isn't fired instantly. A white pulsating circle will appear a second before it strikes from above.

Phase 1

  • Smashes the ground to jump and squash the player, once. Also causes a thunderbolt to strike on its starting position and sends a homing one after falling.
  • Pulls out two pairs of fists and sends them towards the player consecutively. When they hit the ground, they disappear and cause a thunderbolt to fall on their position. Buff Bloomy flashes red after throwing the last punch and the player can fill its break gauge with Melee hits until it recovers.
  • Supercharges itself and does its first attack, but instead of sending a single homing thunderbolt after falling, it keeps its arms out and summons thunderbolts in a cross pattern that curves strongly towards the player. Just like in its second attack, it flashes red after it is finished and is prone to breaking.

Phase 2

  • Smash attack stays the same.
  • Throws four pairs of fists instead of two.
  • Summons a second thunderbolt cross pattern when supercharged and is only prone to breaking after that one.

Strategies[ | ]

Just like in the Powerplant's case, ranged attacks are extremely ineffective against the Buff Bloomy. On the other hand, Melee attacks deal considerable damage.

  • Its floating fists' range is really small. You can just walk far enough and they might not reach you.
  • For the cross patterns, wait until they come out and walk out of their way.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
Only during the Rooting for Power quest:
  • Wet Passage

Gallery[ | ]