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There are five Captain's Reports hidden in the world throughout CrossWorlds in the A New Home DLC.

Captain's Report

A series of logs from a space ship captain.

-Encyclopedia entry
Report #001

Report Card #001

Arrival at Sector SOS-3: 3400.1.1 n.t. Relative ACF Standard

Area is pretty messed up, lots of debris. Research vessel wasn't kidding. Signal identified. Gonna spend the next weeks trying to locate source.

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Report #002

Report Card #002

Date: 3400.1.3 n.t. Relative ACF Standard

Crew found signal of source. Can't make this up: looks like a black hole. No readings on the instruments, had to confirm via camera. It's tiny. Like maybe 1 km in all directions.

No gravitational force detected. Just warps the light around it. Scientist freaking out big time. Told crew to prep drone. Highly suspect. Maybe some cloaking tech lost in the old war?

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Report #003

Report Card #003

Date: 3400.1.4 n.t. Relative ACF Standard

Drone went in without issue. It's an illusion. A frigging 1km black hole illusion. Hopefully we can salvage the tech for this. Sure you guys will love it.

Found a ship inside. Still no signal, all lights are dark. Size is roughly 700m×200m×150m. large rings around the center. Does not look like anything in our databases. My guess? Looks like a generation ship.

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Report #004

Report Card #004

Date: 3400.1.6 n.t. Relative ACF Standard

Sent in a team of 5. Footage confirms not a single living soul. Lot's of floating bodies. All human. Long corridors leading to quarters and a larger storage. Found the bridge. Ship has confirmed black box which is currently being analyzed.

Initial readings name this ship the Phoenix. Guess that makes confirmation even more clear.

-Encyclopedia entry
Report #005

Report Card #005

Date: 3400.1.8 n.t. Relative ACF Standard

Black box analysis finished. Confirmed generation vessel meant to travel to any "inhabitable" world. Apparently people fleeing home from "dying planet". Storage has big surprise for you guys.

If team is correct, we have some new tech allowing any matter to be controlled. Not sure how far the research is. Team is till puzzling on the specifics. We'll return home and bring the vessel along.

Captain Manfred McFly
Instatainment ACF Salvager 25-b

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