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The Carkat is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Rhombus Square during the quest Trouble on the Highway.


A more intelligent but reckless Rockin' Hillkat that likes to headbang while driving fast cars and engage in dangerous drive-by battles. To finance their expensive lifestyle they often take illegal road-jobs like smuggling and theft.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Carkats are meerkats with brown fur, wearing a red or blue bandana and a pair of sunglasses. They always have half their bodies buried in dirt.

Combat[ | ]

This enemy is mostly fought on the highway, where the player can only jump between cars and the Carkats are too far from them to be hit with melee attack. They attack by throwing fiery rocks at the player; however, they also have a more powerful secondary attack that varies depending on their bandana’s color. Red Bandanas can charge for longer and throw an explosive rock only during the highway chase, while Blue Bandanas can throw a Molotov cocktail into the air that is aimed directly at the player and is telegraphed by a big red crosshair on the ground.

Red Bandanas will flash red while they are charging an explosive rock, and Blue Bandanas after throwing a Molotov. If they are hit with a charged Ball in this state, they will break.

Strategies[ | ]

The limited amount of space makes dashing worthless and their simple attacks difficult to dodge. It is recommended that you lure the Molotovs to the borders and break every Carkat possible to give yourself a bigger are to move around. For your offense, bouncing Hail Storm on both walls can Chill the enemies and deal considerable damage.

Locations[ | ]

Rhombus Square
  • North Arch (x3 red, only during the Trouble on the Highway quest)
  • Highway Tunnel 1 (x13 red, x8 blue, only during the Trouble on the Highway quest)

Gallery[ | ]