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Carla Salvatore is a crew member on the M.S. Solar and one of the main characters in CrossCode. She is assigned with helping to prepare Lea for CrossWorlds.


Carla is a mechanic on board the cargo ship M.S. Solar belonging to the maintenance crew of CrossWorlds. She is a cheerful and open-minded person who likes to play around with new technology. Also kinda lazy.

-Encyclopedia people entry

Appearance[ | ]

Carla is a short, stocky, muscular woman with brown skin and olive-green eyes. She has dark brown hair worn in dreadlocks. She typically wears a grey tank top, green cargo pants with large pockets and dark grey shoes. She is also seen with grey gloves and bulky VR goggles with mustard-yellow rims, which she pushes up on her forehead when not in use.

Personality[ | ]

Carla is very friendly and charismatic, and is quick to befriend Lea and encourage her through her basic training. She is always quick to speak her mind, and seems to have a mild disrespect for authority, as she stays on very informal terms with everyone, including Captain Jet, her boss. She has a tendency towards laziness, passing her less-desirable tasks to others and finding ways to avoid cleaning up her room.

Relationships[ | ]

Carla and Sergey are good friends, and have been partnered in introducing Lea to CrossWorlds. The two are shown to be genuinely friendly, although Sergey is frequently annoyed by Carla's irreverence.

Carla and Jet, her superior, have a superficially professional relationship, but Carla is shown to get away with messiness and a lack of discipline that Jet seems unlikely to tolerate from anyone else, suggesting a deeper side of their relationship.

After meeting Lea, Carla is quick to befriend her, and is shown to be quite sympathetic to her situation and encouraging of her successes. This sets her up to become one of Lea's closest allies outside of CrossWorlds.

History[ | ]

Very little has been stated about Carla's past so far, aside from her history with both Sergey and Jet.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Carla assists in the initialization of Lea's avatar, and subsequently helps her through a crash course on CrossWorlds mechanics that she designed. She then shows her around the M.S. Solar and convinces Jet to give her some advanced training, which she assists in setting up. When the Blue Avatar attacks the ship, she helps Lea reach the teleporter and escape.

Carla also appears in several places in Rookie Harbor, Autumn's Rise and Bergen Trail. She gathers some experienced players to provide details on advanced combat, and will later offer to reset your circuits for a price. When talked to at a second location, she hand-waves being in multiple places at once.

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