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The Character Menu is the primary menu used during CrossCode gameplay. It allows the player to look up information and modify their build. It is unlocked partway through the Rhombus Dungeon.

The Character Menu consists of several pages, some of which are only unlocked by progressing through the story.


Main Page[ | ]

The main page of the Character Menu displays the same expanded HUD that can be seen in the Quickmenu, showing Lea's unlocked and active Elements, her Level, core Stats, and current HP, SP and EXP, along with the HP, SP and EXP of active party members. The main page also displays your Credits and playtime, and provides buttons to open the subpages

Quests Page[ | ]

The Quests page displays a list of active Quests, with additional tabs for completed quests and all started quests. Highlighting a quest shows its level, description, most recent tasks (or completion message if the quest is completed) and location. Selecting the quest opens a more detailed window that also includes the questgiver, rewards and a full list of completed tasks (for active quests).

Circuits Page[ | ]

The Circuits page is unlocked near the end of the Rhombus Dungeon. It displays all currently unlocked Circuit trees, and all available CP. Selecting a Circuit tree opens a more detailed, pannable view, where individual Circuits can be highlighted to show their description or selected to activate them. A third view, the Swap Branches screen, provides an easy option to compare and switch between branches in the circuit trees.

Equipment Page[ | ]

The Equipment page shows Lea's current Equipment, along with the stats earned from Equipment. (Since Circuits and buffs provide percentage modifiers to the core stats, their effects aren't shown here to make comparisons more clear.) Selecting a piece of equipment will allow you to compare and select alternatives.

Inventory Page[ | ]

This menu shows lists of all Items you currently have, sorted into tabs by type. There is additionally a New tab that displays recently-obtained items. Along with showing the items, the Inventory Menu allows you to select favorite Consumables, which will cause them to appear at the top of the list in the Quickmenu, and activate or deactivate Add-Ons.

Party Page[ | ]

The Party page is unlocked on forming a party with Emilie in Rookie Harbor. Here, you can view detailed stats for all possible party members, call them, and add or remove them from your party when that option is available. A second tab lists your Contacts, who can also be called.

Status Page[ | ]

This page consists of four screens, showing a detailed view of Lea's current status. The selected element can be changed within this menu to display how this affects Lea's status.

The Summary screen displays the same information as the Main Page, along with Lea's equipment and elemental resistances.

The Parameters screen shows a detailed breakdown and explanation of Lea's core Stats and resistances.

The Modifiers screen shows a detailed breakdown and explanation of Lea's Modifiers.

The Combat Arts screen gives additional details on Lea's currently active Combat Arts.

Records Page[ | ]

This page displays Lea's current objective and recent activity, and provides links to several subpages.

Trader Book Subpage[ | ]

This page, unlocked during the Rookie Harbor orientation, lists all Traders you have interacted with (excluding DLC traders), sorted by area, with each of their available trade offers. Selecting a trade offer reveals the cost and requirements of that trade.

Botanics Subpage[ | ]

This page, unlocked on starting the Crocus Pocus quest, lists all Botanics you have obtained at least one drop from, sorted by area. As you collect more drops from a Botanic, additional information is revealed: first their location, then their drops and drop rates.

Monster Fibula Subpage[ | ]

This page, unlocked during the Rookie Harbor orientation, lists all Enemies and Bosses you have defeated, sorted by type. Highlighting an enemy gives a detailed view showing their location, number defeated, stats and rewards. A second page gives a description of the enemy, and is usually locked behind defeating a certain number of them.

Map Subpage[ | ]

This page, which can also be reached through the Quickmenu, shows a map of the current area. Stamps can be placed to mark locations on the map, and Landmarks can be selected and teleported to. A World Map view can also be opened, from which maps of any unlocked areas can be accessed.

Encyclopedia Subpage[ | ]

This page, unlocked during the Rookie Harbor orientation, provides access to the Encyclopedia, compiling a large amount of background information on the game world.

Trophies Subpage[ | ]

This page shows all Trophies, divided into several categories, along with your current Trophy Points.

Statistics Subpage[ | ]

This page, unlocked during the Rookie Harbor orientation, provides a large number of statistics detailing your progress through the game.

Save Page[ | ]

This page, which can also be reached through the Pause Menu, provides the option to save your game or delete savegames.

Menu Help Pages[ | ]

Every menu page has a Help option, which opens up an overlay providing additional information on some features of the page. From the overlay, a detailed Manual can be opened explaining the page and how to use it.