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This page contains a list of all Characters in CrossCode. Characters are arranged by order of appearance, where applicable. When a character's real name is unknown, a nickname is given in "quotation marks".

Main Characters[ | ]

Lea Lea Lea
The main protagonist of CrossCode. A Spheromancer who has lost her memory and is playing CrossWorlds in an attempt to recover it.
Emilie-Sophie de Belmond Emilie-Sophie de Belmond Emilienator
A competitive Pentafist who befriends Lea during the tutorial and later joins her party.
Toby Tremblay Toby Tremblay C'tron
A new member of the First Scholars. Quite a shy Hexacast and later joins Lea's party.
Lukas Fink Lukas Fink Schneider
Emilie's friend. An experienced Triblader and member of the First Scholars guild.
Apollo Apollo Apollo
A dramatic, justice-obsessed Spheromancer. Sets himself up as Lea's rival after suspecting her of cheating.
Joern Joern Joern
Apollo's more levelheaded friend.
Shizuka Sakai Shizuka Sakai Bento-chan
A Spheromancer, briefly playable during the prologue. Her brother has gotten her involved in some nasty business.

Maintenance Crew[ | ]

Sergey Asimov Sergey Asimov
A programmer who is responsible for getting Lea started in CrossWorlds.
Carla Salvatore Carla Salvatore
An employee on the M.S. Solar, who befriends Lea and helps introduce her to CrossWorlds.
Gerald McFly Gerald McFly Captain Jet
Captain of the cargo ship M.S. Solar. He has agreed to let Sergey use his ship to prepare Lea for CrossWorlds.

First Scholars[ | ]

Linda Palmer Linda Palmer Hlin
The leader of the First Scholars. A friendly, motherly Quadroguard who is very passionate about the lore of CrossWorlds.
Albert Grumpesto Albert Grumpesto Beowulf
Founding member of the First Scholars. A quiet, intimidating Hexacast who tends to keep to himself.
Raphael Luiz Vega Raphael Luiz Vega Buggy
A laid-back Triblader and member of the First Scholars. Kind of a troll.

Other CrossWorlds Players[ | ]

Ketin D'Kar Ketin D'Kar
An odd player with multiclass equipment who collects useless, low-level equipment.

Other Characters[ | ]

These characters are very mysterious, and surely have major spoilers on their pages! Please approach them with caution.

Gautham Ranganathan Gautham Ranganathan
A character who attempts to dissuade Shizuka from seeking out Satoshi.
Satoshi Sakai Satoshi Sakai
Shizuka's brother. After getting her involved in a bad situation, he undertook a mysterious project despite his poor health to ensure her freedom.
Designer Designer Blue Avatar
The main antagonist of CrossCode. An avatar with game-breaking powers and delusions of godhood. Recognizes Lea from before she lost her memory.
Benedict Sidwell Benedict Sidwell
A businessman and a player of CrossWorlds. He is later revealed to be the one behind Lea's, Shizuka's and Satoshi's problems.

Minor Characters[ | ]

Many other players of CrossWorlds can be encountered during the game. Many of the more notable ones, including quest-givers and recurring characters, can be found on the Minor Characters page.

NPCs[ | ]

CrossWorlds is filled with AI-controlled NPCs, filling the role of inhabitants of Shadoon and advisors to the players. The NPC page has details on the more important NPCs that can be encountered.

Holiday Man Holiday Man
An NPC who enjoys gifting for fun! Typically appears around Christmas. Bears no resemblance to any anime characters.

Non-canon Characters[ | ]

These characters are involved with CrossCode and may have appeared in previous versions of the game, but they do not canonically show up in the current version.

Sir Radfish van Blubb Sir Radfish van Blubb
The most radical of fish and the mascot of Radical Fish Games. Occasionally appeared in early versions of the game to deliver messages from the developers.
Manlea Manlea
A male version of Lea, introduced as an alternate playable character for an April Fools joke. He was re-added to the game in 2021 through a free update.
Easter Bunny Easter Bunny
Teleport Girl Teleport Girl
A player who helped teleport Lea around the map until the landmark system was added in v0.3.5.

Gallery[ | ]

Original Characters[ | ]

The premises of CrossWorlds and CrossCode lend themselves to original character design. A list of original character entries can be found in the Original Characters page.