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The glorious Lea Cheese, the first Cheese to become an emote.

Cheese emotes are a commonly used subset of custom emotes seen among the CrossCode Discord community. The cuteness and relative simplicity of cheese emotes makes them among the most accessible forms of community fanart to make.

History[ | ]

By word of developer, the derpy Lea face shown above first appeared in an email exchange between Radical Fish Games and a fan. Later on, Radical Fish Games announced their first fan art contest on March 10, 2015. The image that Sergey is depicted to be painting is a derpy, smiling version of Lea's face. Due to the juxtaposition of the Lea face and a pixelated wedge of cheese, the Discord emote derived from this image became known as "Lea Cheese".

When CrossCode version 0.5.2 was released on April Fools Day of 2016, funny masks were added onto the portrait sprites of numerous characters. The particular mask Lea wore in that version notably depicted the same derpy version of Lea's face. Following the update, the developer blog posted an update[1] in which the masks were revealed to be a cheeky way of transitioning to improved character portraits. Lea Cheese became an official Steam emoticon for CrossCode with the release of Steam Trading Cards.[2]

Format[ | ]

The format of a cheese emote is not necessarily set in stone, but many cheese emotes start by working on the original Lea Cheese emote, which itself is a 27x27 pixel sprite. A wide range of different character features can be adapted into the emote, but the most defining crucial features of a cheese emote are the eyes, whose shapes and pupils are arranged as to produce a mildly derpy look. Additionally, there are variants of existing cheese emotes that express different emotions from the classic, derpy smile. So far, numerous characters, canon or otherwise, have received cheese emotes of their likenesses.

Cheese Emote Gallery[ | ]

Since there are an absurdly high amount of cheese emotes, each entry in this gallery must be of a distinct character. Entries for canonical characters precede those for non-canonical characters, and each category is sorted alphabetically.

References[ | ]

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