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Chiko is a young adult, who had recently graduated school. With much more time on his hands, the 18 year old began playing CrossWorlds after seeing an ad online, and initially got it as a simple time killer. However, he quickly grew fond of the game and, once he reached the end, immediately went to make a second account as a Hexacast, as the Pentafist class of his first account did not seem as exciting as wielding magic. He also took this opportunity to learn every single bit of lore this game had to offer, along with both completing everything and improving his own skill. He began playing post-CrossCode, but is not involved nor is he aware of its events.

Appearance[ | ]

Chiko has short green hair, with an ahoge at the top of his head, which curves backwards. He has a small ponytail starting near the bottom of the hair on the back of his head, held by a purple hairband. The bottom tips of all sides of his hair have brown highlights as well. His skin is on the pale side, and his eyes are the color red. His undershirt and pants are black, with a long, purple robe over them. A large hexagon on both shoulders, and a white belt over the robe, with a hexagon at the center. The robe also has a white online, and he wears black finger-less gloves, his shoes are of a light gray color. He is also quite short, "towering" at 5 feet.

Personality[ | ]

Chiko is quite a carefree and energetic person, always wanting to do something he deems as fun. This makes him quite playful but also pretty competitive, acting prideful when he accomplishes something. He can be childish as well, taking any threats towards his accomplishments as a challenge to overcome. He's open to new things, always looking for anything new to try out, essentially making his "to-do" list unfinishable. However, he can be quite hasty as well, often impatient when things take too long or don't go the way he envisioned. He tends to get bored quickly as well, so not many of the things he tries end up sticking with him.

Outside CrossWorlds[ | ]

As of now, Chiko works a part-time job at a retail store which his friend owns, which makes him enough money to buy things he may need, and also help his parents pay any bills. He lives a comfortable life, waiting a year before pursuing college as he still isn't sure what career to pursue. If not playing, he tends to occupy himself with fantasy books. They tend to give him inspiration, which he writes down as a creativity outlet. He prefers living in the present, enjoying whatever small thing he does, or any social gatherings he goes to with his friends.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Many features were inspired by the Pokemon Chikorita, such as the red eyes, green hair and the notable ahoge.
  • The original design was thought up purely by Ludichat, the owner eventually added the ahoge on his own.
  • His favorite element is Heat, due to his love for fire and, more notably, explosions.
  • The username Pachiko is based off of the nickname Pachinko, which a few community members have used to call Chiko's owner.
  • Likewise, Chiko is shortened from "Chikorita".
  • As much as people like to argue it, he is a pear, not anything else.
  • Chiko was his owner's very first OC, which kickstarted many more, along with a non-Crosscode version of himself.

Gallery[ | ]