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The CrossWorlds MMO has five classes that players must choose from when starting the game. The classes affect the players' appearance, their base stats and the combat arts that they are able to use. In CrossCode, only the Spheromancer class is playable, because both Lea and Shizuka are of that class.


Classes are what a Seeker chooses before entering the Track of the Ancients. They are closely connected to the 5 Virtues and shapes which the Ancients lived by.
These are the possible classes:
Triblader: Virtue of Strength
Quadroguard: Virtue of Endurance
Pentafist: Virtue of Agility
Hexacast: Virtue of Wisdom
Spheromancer: Virtue of Balance
Each class gives the Seeker a unique way to master the Track of the Ancients to the person's liking by offering class specific traits and abilities.

-Encyclopedia entry

List of Classes[ | ]

A melee class, focusing equally on offense and defense.
A tank class with high defense.
A melee-focused quick and agile class with high critical hits.
A mage class with significant ranged attacks and buffing ability.
An unspecialized class with superior customization options.

Appearance[ | ]

With some exceptions, the class of a player can easily be identified by the appearance of their armor, which only has limited customization options. Each class has their shape and color strongly represented in their armor, as well as a characteristic head accessory.

  • Tribladers: Green triangles and a triangular headband
  • Quadroguards: Blue squares and blocky cheek horns
  • Pentafists: Orange pentagons and wings behind their ears
  • Hexacasts: Purple hexagons and double hexagon earrings
  • Spheromancers: Red circles and circular earmuffs

5 Virtues[ | ]

5 Virtues

The 5 Virtues mirror the foundation on which the Ancient's culture was built. Before a Seeker can begin the Track of the Ancients he must choose a virtue which is connected to a class.
Virtue of Strength: Heat
Virtue of Endurance: Cold
Virtue of Agility: Shock
Virtue of Wisdom: Wave
Virtue of Balance: All
Each Virtue is also loosely connected to one of the 4 Elements a Seeker can acquire on the Track.

-Encyclopedia entry

The Virtues are the prototypical class system used by the Ancients on which the Seeker classes are built. There are 5 virtues, each tied to an element. The Triblader class corresponds to the Virtue of Strength, linked to the Heat element. The Quadroguard class corresponds to the Virtue of Endurance and the Cold element. The Pentafist class has the Virtue of Agility and the Shock element, while the Hexacast class has the Virtue of Wisdom and the Wave element. Spheromancers represent the Virtue of Balance and all four elements.