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The Cold Crystalid is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in the Ku'lero Temple.

Cold Crystalid

Living embodiment of the crystals found all over Ku'lero Temple. It seems these are not creations of the Ancients as unlike most foes that are found within the temple they are made of stone like materials. Similarly colored versions also exhibit a strange bond that allows them to combine energy to release powerful attacks.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Cold Crystallids are blue crystals with a white eye and two horns.

Combat[ | ]

It attacks by charging and dashing into the player, however, hitting it while it charges will prevent it from attacking. If there are more than three fighting at the same time, they can connect and attack in quick succession.

Strategies[ | ]

Crystallids are extremely weak against their opposite element while also being immune to their own. Use Combat Arts to hit all of them at once without giving them the chance to retaliate.

Locations[ | ]

Ku'lero Temple
  • Comet Trial (x2)
  • Cracked Pillars (x2)
  • Water Grave (x4)
  • Crystal Den (x7) + (x2, non-respawning)
  • Shard Trial West (x4) + (x10, non-respawning)
  • North Bridge (x3) + (x4, non-respawning)
  • The Fall (x6, non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]