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The Cold Shredder is a Monster in CrossCode. They can be encountered in Old Hideout.

Appearance[ | ]

The Cold Shredder is a Cold-elemental variation on the standard Shredder. Like its non-elemental counterpart, it is a metal robot resembling a humanoid upper torso and head, with orange energy rings replacing its legs and allowing it to float. It is made of dark grey metal with spiky blue highlights on its shoulders and its head that look like ice shards. It is identical in appearance to the Cool Security Brute enemy, and is similar to the removed Freezing Shredder enemy, which has smaller ice shards and a simpler blue, circular core.

Combat[ | ]

During combat, the Cold Shredder will follow the player closely and attempt to attack them. Their attack has three parts. First they dash forward towards the player, stopping just short of them if they are close enough. They then charge their attack, briefly flashing blue, and finish with a powerful Cold-elemental punch.

Strategies[ | ]

The Cold Shredders require no special strategy to defeat, due to Shizuka's substantially higher level at the time.

Locations[ | ]

Old Hideout
  • Right Path (x4, non-respawning)
  • Upper Path (x8, non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]

Development Notes[ | ]

The Cold Shredder was first introduced with the release of the Demo and has appeared in all subsequent game releases.