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Combat Arts are special moves that players of CrossWorlds can use. There are four types of Combat Arts, aligned with the four basic combat actions: Melee Arts, Throw Arts, Dash Arts and Guard Arts. What you are doing while starting a combat art (standing, aiming, dashing, or guarding) determines the type of combat art performed. For example, if you use your combat art while guarding you will use a Guard Art, or if you use your combat art while dashing you will use a Dash Art. There are three levels of combat arts, and once unlocked the higher-level arts can be used by holding the Special key for longer, causing Lea to charge up. Higher level arts are more powerful but cost more to use.

Each element has its own set of combat arts, that can only be used while in that elemental mode. For every combination of type, level and element, there are between zero and two combat arts available. In the case where there are two, only one may be active at a time, exchanged in the Circuits menu. You can select which combat arts you like best or specialize around your current situation, but you cannot swap in the middle of combat since you can't access the main menu. Lea has a total of 92 combat arts - 16 neutral and 19 for each element.

In CrossWorlds, each class has a unique pool of combat arts, making a total of 460 combat arts. In practice, however, only a few select combat arts from the non-Spheromancer pools will be seen in-game.

Using a combat art uses SP (Special Points), with higher-level combat arts costing more: 1 SP for level 1, 3 SP for level 2, and 6 SP for level 3. Generally the total impact (damage, knockback, duration, etc.) of higher-level combat arts scales linearly with SP spent. Blue SP recharges automatically, faster outside combat, thereafter you must attack enemies to charge purple SP. This means level 1 combat arts are always available, but for most of the game higher levels are only available during combat where you are actively engaged.

Spheromancer Combat Arts[ | ]

Element Level Dash Arts Guard Arts Melee Arts Throw Arts
Neutral 1 Azure-strike-icon Azure Strike
First-cut-icon First Cut
Proximity-blast-icon Proximity Blast
Guard-sphere-icon Guard Sphere
Spin-dance-icon Spin Dance
Sphere-saw-icon Sphere Saw
Ball-of-steel-icon Ball of Steel
Bullet-rain-icon Bullet Rain
2 Azure-surge-icon Azure Surge
Final-showdown-icon Final Showdown
Vortex Blast-icon Vortex Blast
Blade Sphere-icon Blade Sphere
Spiral Dance-icon Spiral Dance
Sphere Storm-iconSphere Storm
Ball of Boomerang-icon Ball of Boomerang
Bullet Inferno-icon Bullet Inferno
Heat 1 Crimson-strike-icon Crimson Strike
Ashen-mine-icon Ashen Mine
Recoil Trumpet-icon Recoil Trumpet
Ring-of-fire-icon Ring of Fire
Fire-whirl-icon Fire Whirl
Flame-jab-icon Flame Jab
Burn!-icon Burn!
2 Crimson Stream -icon Crimson Stream
Mine Valley -icon Mine Valley
Kindling Farfare-icon Kindling Fanfare
Burning Pulse-icon Burning Pulse
Calamity Trigger-icon Calamity Trigger
Blazing Dragon-icon Blazing Dragon
Flare Burn!-icon Flare Burn!
3 Scarlet-rain-icon Scarlet Rain Ignite-embers-icon Ignite Embers
Ancient-sun-icon Ancient Sun
Ragnarök-icon Ragnarök
Vermillion-echo-icon Vermillion Echo
Cold 1 Indigo Strike-icon Indigo Strike Frozen Stance-icon Frozen Stance
Brisk Barrier -icon Brisk Barrier
Ice Twirl-icon Ice Twirl
Frozen Star-icon Frozen Star
Snow-flawke-icon Snow Flawke
Hail-flurry-icon Hail Flurry
2 Indigo Rush-icon Indigo Rush Freeze Frame-icon Freeze Frame
Icy Bastion-icon Icy Bastion
Ice Tornado-icon Ice Tornado
Blizzard Hawk -icon Blizzard Hawk
Frigid-flawke-icon Frigid Flawke
Hail-storm-icon Hail Storm
3 Crystal-keeper-icon Crystal Keeper
Fimbulvetr-icon Fimbulvetr
Polar-pirouette-icon Polar Pirouette
Eternal-winter-icon Eternal Winter
Gatling-arctillery-icon Gatling Arctillery
Shock 1 Amber Dash -icon Amber Strike
Thunder Dart -icon Thunder Dart
Clock Block -icon Clock Block Tesla Twist -icon Tesla Twist
Plasma Spike -icon Plasma Spike
Diving Spark -icon Diving Spark
Homing Wisp Homing Wisp
2 Amber Breaker -icon Amber Breaker
Storm Walker -icon Storm Walker
Glitch Time -icon Glitch Time Tesla Waltz -icon Tesla Waltz
Battery Assault -icon Battery Assault
Chain Blitz -icon Chain Blitz
Radiant Swarm -icon Radiant Swarm
3 Flickering-stars-icon Flickering Stars
Lightning-prophecy-icon Lightning Prophecy
Song-of-storms-icon Song of Storms Mjölnir-icon Mjölnir
Celestial-legion-icon Celestial Legion
Wave 1 Verdant Strike -icon Verdant Strike
Warp Decoy -icon Warp Decoy
Pain Grip-icon Pain Grip
Guarding Gale-icon Guarding Gale
Ki Thrust-icon Ki Thrust Fae Round -icon Fae Round
Essence Drain -icon Essence Drain
2 Verdant Tide-icon Verdant Stream
Toxic Revenant -icon Toxic Revenant
Circle of Valor-icon Circle of Valor
Poltergeist-icon Poltergeist
Spirit Blast-icon Spirit Blast Elven Orb-icon Elven Orb
Vital Pulse -icon Vital Pulse
3 Vortex-tide-icon Vortex Tide
Gungnir-icon Gungnir
Karma-scale-icon Karma Scale Ether-snipe-icon Ether Snipe
Wave-motion-beam-icon Wave Motion Beam

Other Classes[ | ]

The known combat arts used by other classes are listed here.

As the full details aren't known for every combat art here, there is some conjecture in their placement in these tables. Any uncertainty that exists is noted below.

Triblader Combat Arts[ | ]

Used by Schneider, Luke and Wervyn.

Element Level Dash Arts Melee Arts
Neutral 1 Erstschlag Wirbelschlitzer
Heat 1 Feuersprint Flammenwirbler
Cold 1 Eisbahn Kältewirbler
Shock 1 Donnerpfeil Schockwirbler
Wave 1 Wellenritt Wellenwirbler
2 Wervyn's combat art[1]

Quadroguard Combat Arts[ | ]

Used by Joern.

Element Level Guard Arts Melee Arts
Neutral 1 Kinetic Shield Gravity Taunt[2]
Heat 1 Heatshield Heat Taunt[2]
Cold 1 Coldshield Cold Taunt[2]
Shock 1 Shockshield Shock Taunt[2]
Wave 1 Waveshield Wave Taunt[2]

Pentafist Combat Arts[ | ]

Used by Emilie.

Element Level Dash Arts Melee Arts Throw Arts
Neutral 1 Azure Strike Beatdown Ball of Fist
Heat 1 Crimson Strike Faucon Poing
Cold 1 Frozen Cage Freeze Nails
Shock 1 Amber Thrust Pummeling Strike
Wave 1 Palm Basher Fae Stream

Hexacast Combat Arts[ | ]

Used by C'tron and Lily.

Element Level Guard Arts Throw Arts
BUFF H3X![3]
Heat 1 Heat Missile
Cold 1 Lily's ice wall[4] Cold Missile
2 Lily's ice blast[4]
3 Lily's snowflake shield[4]
Shock 1 Shock Missile
Lily's lightning bolt[4]
2 Lily's slow lightning orb[4]
3 Lily's lightning bolt shield[4] Lily's chain lightning orb[4]
Wave 1 Wave Missile
Lily's bubble attack[4]
2 Lily's wave explosion[4]
3 Lily's wave explosion aura[4] Lily's tornado attack[4]
  1. As Wervyn's combat art is only seen in a cutscene, no actual details are known about it. Its classification here as a level 2 wave dash art is based solely on its appearance.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Joern's taunts are actually classified as both melee and throw arts in the code, so that he will use them against any enemy regardless of that enemy's effective strategies. They are listed as melee arts here since they do not involve projectiles.
  3. BUFF H3X! is a combat art for C'tron which was featured in promotional materials and is fully coded, but was never actually used.
  4. 4.00 4.01 4.02 4.03 4.04 4.05 4.06 4.07 4.08 4.09 4.10 As Lily only appears as an enemy, the types of her combat arts are not confirmed. They are all classified as throw and guard arts here based on their effects.