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There are five Cold Throw Combat Arts available to Spheromancers: two first-level, two second-level, and one third-level art. You can have only one of each level active at a time.

Snow Flawke[ | ]

LVL 1 CP 1 SP 1 DMG Ranged EFFECTS Inflicts ChillInflicts Chill Cold Throw

Hit enemies with a big snow explosion, caging them within icicles.

Snow Flawke

Lea throws a snowball like her charged shot. It bursts upon touching an enemy or wall, damaging and Chilling the enemy it touched and all others within a moderate radius. A ring of 8 icicles forms along its outer edge that lasts for 5 seconds.

Snow Flawke's burst deals similar damage to a single hit from Ball of Steel, but doesn't pierce through enemies or bounce. Its icicles supplement this relatively low damage, but also help you hold down a single target. Among arts that make icicles, Gatling Arctillery is the only other one that does not shatter all existing icicles upon use. That means this is your primary tool if you want to add extra icicles. This art's simple, predictable shot and burst take out clumps of plants efficiently.

Hail Flurry[ | ]

LVL 1 CP 1 SP 1 DMG Ranged EFFECTS Inflicts ChillInflicts Chill Cold Throw

Quickly shoots a mass of icy spikes.

Hail Flurry

Lea throws a cloud of 12 small ice shards in a straight line. When they hit an enemy, the shards deal damage and increase the enemy's Chill status meter. They can ricochet off one wall before being destroyed.

Each of Hail Flurry's shards deal less damage than Bullet Rain's VRPs for similar total damage. Hail Flurry is unusual for shooting so many projectiles in a straight line, ideal for Elemental Poles and Elemental Ball Changers. Most others spray out and/or home in. Since the shards don't pass through enemies, this art is best against single targets.

Emilie is able to use a functionally identical art called Freeze Nails. Apollo also uses this art during his third duel against Lea.

Frigid Flawke[ | ]

LVL 2 CP 2 SP 3 DMG Ranged EFFECTS Inflicts ChillInflicts Chill Cold Throw

Shoot a large snow ball, leaving an icicle trail and caging enemies with multiple icicles.

Frigid Flawke

Lea throws a large snowball that leaves a trail of icicles in its wake. Upon touching an enemy or wall, it blasts out, damaging and Chilling all enemies in a large area twice, and forming two wide concentric arcs of icicles completely and evenly encircling the impact point, in conjunction with the trail left by the snowball. The icicles last 5 seconds.

Frigid Flawke is an expansion of Snow Flawke in several respects: more damage, more area, more icicles, more imprisonment, more control. However, this art shatters all existing icicles upon use.

Hail Storm[ | ]

LVL 2 CP 2 SP 3 DMG Ranged EFFECTS Inflicts ChillInflicts Chill Cold Throw

Shoot an icicle that bounces off walls 2 times, creating homing mini icicles.

Hail Storm

Lea throws a single large ice shard that passes through enemies dealing moderate damage and Chill, and ricochets off walls once to hit enemies again until touching another wall. It leaves behind a cluster of spiky ice on both walls it touched. After a short interval, the clusters burst, each spraying between 7-12 small ice shards out in an arc. These shards home onto targets in their arc, but have low turn rate, so they are most likely to hit faraway targets near the center of the arc.

Contrary to the description, the big icicle only bounces once, but can hit enemies twice. Hail Storm can deal with more enemies at once than Hail Flurry, but since the small shards together deal much more damage than the large one and don't pass through enemies, it is still best against a single target. You should focus your aim on walls from which to best bombard your target rather than hitting directly, but you get both if the walls line up with your target from both sides.

Gatling Arctillery[ | ]

LVL 3 CP 3 SP 6 DMG Ranged EFFECTS Inflicts ChillInflicts Chill Cold Throw

Summon an Ice Turret with spikes around you and blast your enemies away with a volley of icicles.

Gatling Arctillery

Lea encases herself in an ice turret surrounded by icicles for protection. She charges up for about 2 seconds, then fires an aimable stream of non-piercing ice shards for 3 seconds that damages, Chills, and knocks back enemies. She can make no actions other than to aim or cancel the art.

Despite how it many appear, the turret doesn't shield Lea from attacks, but she does resist interruption. The main draw of this art is the sheer number of shots, that force away enemies trying to attack you up close. Since it does not shatter your icicles upon use, consider leading Gatling Arctillery with other icicles for extra protection.

Shizuka uses this combat art when she duels against Lea.

Non-Spheromancer Arts[ | ]

Cold Missile[ | ]


Cold Missile is a cold-elemental, level one Hexacast Throw-type Combat Art. It is used by C'tron.

When using this, C'tron shoots a single large hexagonal ball at the enemy. On a hit, the enemy takes a small amount of damage and is surrounded by a swirling aura for a second, after which it explodes, taking substantial Cold damage and boosting its Chill status meter by a large amount. The explosion also damages nearby enemies and generates a small number of ice spikes around the target, similar to those created by Snow Flawke. If the ball does not hit any enemies, it has no effect and does not bounce on walls.

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