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There are six Heat Melee Combat Arts available to Spheromancers: two first-level, two second-level, and two third-level arts. You can have only one of each level active at a time.

Fire Whirl[ | ]

LVL 1 CP 1 SP 1 DMG Melee Heat Melee

Performs a fierce whirl attack, engulfing your enemies in flames.

Fire Whirl

Lea moves forward in one direction as she spins two full turns and a half crossing in front of her path, sweeping out in a fiery whirl attack damaging and knocking back enemies. She travels a distance of approximately 1.5 normal dashes, and you can change her direction as she charges the art.

The same uses for Spin Dance apply to Fire Whirl. More than that, the two are almost identical, save for Fire Whirl's fieriness and slightly wider width and further distance. This art is great for dealing with large numbers of enemies, such as Fleazers.

Flame Jab[ | ]

LVL 1 CP 1 SP 1 DMG Melee EFFECTS Interrupt iconInterrupt Inflicts BurnInflicts Burn Heat Melee

A blazing thrust of fire piercing through enemies in front of you.

Flame Jab

Lea steps forward and blasts enemies in front of her with a fiery jab, dealing damage and increasing hit enemies' Burn status meter.

This art has less radius than it's counterpart, Fire Whirl, but comes at the advantage of dealing more damage as well as the ability to Burn enemies. Because of this, it is generally more useful against single target enemies, such as Bosses.

Calamity Trigger[ | ]

Calamity Trigger-icon
LVL 2 CP 2 SP 3 DMG Melee EFFECTS Interrupt iconInterrupt Heat Melee

Draw in enemies with blazing fire balls and finish them with a massive fire whirl.

Calamity Trigger

Lea throws out a large arc of fireballs in front of her, that return to her pulling enemies in with them. She then unleashes a bigger Fire Whirl, traveling the same distance, and you can change her direction as she throws the fireballs.

This art is very useful for dealing high damage to groups of enemies. The initial fireballs can stun enemies, dropping their guard for the follow-up spin attack. Calamity Trigger offers a lot of tactical flexibility over where you want Lea and her enemies to end up.

Apollo uses this combat art during his third duel against Lea. Shizuka also uses Calamity Trigger when she duels against Lea.

Blazing Dragon[ | ]

Blazing Dragon-icon
LVL 2 CP 2 SP 3 DMG Melee EFFECTS Lock iconLock Inflicts BurnInflicts Burn Heat Melee

Lock in enemies with 2 powerful strikes followed by a flaming air combo.

Blazing Dragon

Lea steps and strikes forward twice, jumps forward whirling in fire, and finishes with a reverse whirl knocking enemies away. You can change Lea's direction between each of the four attacks.

Changing Lea's direction is probably superfluous, since you should focus on one target, but if it goes off in some wrong direction you can maintain the assault.

Ragnarök[ | ]

LVL 3 CP 3 SP 6 DMG Melee EFFECTS Lock iconLock Heat Melee

The end is here. Draw in enemies, engulf them in an upwards fire whirl and end with a blazing ground explosion.

Shizuka Special

Fireballs burst out from Lea in all directions in a huge ring, that return to her pulling enemies in with them. She then spins three full turns in a large fiery whirl lifting herself and enemies up into the air, bursts out fire once more, knocking enemies down as she charges up and follows after them, slamming the ground in a massive explosion launching them far away.

Lea only moves straight up, unlike lower versions, but Ragnarök's wide pull radius makes up for that. She also cannot Dash Cancel it. Enemies that get caught at the start of Ragnarök cannot attack until the combat art ends.

Shizuka uses this art in the prologue and when she duels against Lea.

Vermillion Echo[ | ]

LVL 3 CP 3 SP 6 DMG Melee EFFECTS Lock iconLock Inflicts BurnInflicts Burn Heat Melee

Summon the spirit of the dragon and lock enemies in a fierce combo that ends with a fire tornado.

Vermillion Echo

Lea first steps and strikes forward thrice, then spins several times lifting herself and adjacent enemies straight up into the air. At the apex, Lea envelops herself in fire bright as the sun dealing continuous damage for a second, then dives to the ground with her victims to continue with a vicious fire tornado. You cannot cancel or change directions once she is in the air.

Vermillion Echo has one of the highest damage outputs of all Combat Arts against a single target. It is also able to attack multiple enemies packed together. However, the attack radius is very small, which makes it less effective than Ragnarök when dealing with separated enemies. Avoid running Ring of Fire or its upgrades while you do this. They will push your target(s) outside the fire tornado.