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There are five Shock Melee Combat Arts available to Spheromancers: two first-level, two second-level, and one third-level art. You can have only one of each level active at a time.

Tesla Twist[ | ]

Tesla Twist -icon
LVL 1 CP 1 SP 1 DMG Melee Shock Melee

Attack with a series of multiple fast spin attacks within a small radius.

Tesla Twist

Lea rapidly spins five full turns and a half crossing in front of her, sweeping out in electric arcs damaging enemies. If you don't give Lea a direction, she will spin in place, but if you give one while she charges the art, she travels a distance of 2 normal dashes in that one direction.

Tesla Twist has no wider radius than Spin Dance, but can still be used to damage multiple enemies if they are close to each other. It allows Lea the option to attack while on the move, like typical Shock arts, or remain in place if that would be better.

Plasma Spike[ | ]

Plasma Spike -icon
LVL 1 CP 1 SP 1 DMG Melee EFFECTS Interrupt iconInterrupt Inflicts JoltInflicts Jolt Shock Melee

Hit a single enemy into the air following up with a lightning strike.

Plasma Spike

Lea jumps forward swinging her ring. She strikes the first enemy she touches within the range of a regular dash, knocking it back and into the air. It stays suspended in the air for a moment as lightning zaps it several times, then it is knocked down and back a bit further. Inflicts Jolt. No other enemy is affected in any way.

In fact, Lea ignores collision with enemies during Plasma Spike, but others can interrupt this high-damage attack. Thus you should only use this when you have a second to spare, and ideally against a lone target, but you can Dash Cancel it at any point.

Tesla Waltz[ | ]

Tesla Waltz -icon
LVL 2 CP 2 SP 3 DMG Melee EFFECTS Lock iconLock Shock Melee

Perform a volley of controllable spin attacks while drawing in enemies and finish off with a powerful whirl.

Tesla Waltz

Lea moves forward as she spins many times, sweeping out in electric arcs to damage enemies. If she passes by enemies she has hit, they are drawn along behind her. Lea's path can be changed throughout this time, but she has limited turn speed. Once she has traveled slightly further than 4 regular dashes, she stops and finishes with a reverse spin that knocks her foes away.

Tesla Waltz is more flexible than Tesla Twist and useful for more purposes. You can go in a straight line to simply travel further while you attack, or seek out targets that are keeping their distance from you. You can gather up enemies in a clump by turning in a circle (great for Chain Blitz), but make sure to dash cancel before the final spin.

Battery Assault[ | ]

Plasma Spike -icon
LVL 2 CP 2 SP 3 DMG Melee EFFECTS Lock iconLock Inflicts JoltInflicts Jolt Shock Melee

Lock a single enemy into a fast ground combo followed by multiple hit in the air and a strong lightning finisher.

Battery Assault

Lea jumps forward swinging her ring. The first time she touches an enemy within the range of a regular dash, she punches it rapidly several times, then spins several times lifting herself and her target into the air as she damages it, then finishes by zapping the target with a large lightning bolt. Everything inflicts Jolt and no other enemy takes damage.

Battery Assault is one of the highest damage Combat Arts in the game against a single target, excellent at killing Bosses. Because of its long attack sequence it can be combined with other prolonged attacks like Radiant Swarm, each initiated just before breaking one of the Boss' health segments, potentially destroying not only the current health segment but the one after that as well.

Song of Storms[ | ]

LVL 3 CP 3 SP 6 DMG Melee EFFECTS Lock iconLock Inflicts JoltInflicts Jolt Shock Melee

Lock a single enemy into a hyper speed combo that creates a doppelganger and finishes with a faster-than-light attack chain.

Song of Storms

Lea jumps forward swinging her ring. The first time she touches an enemy within the range of a regular dash, she creates a doppelganger that helps her rapidly hit that enemy, just as Battery Assault. Then the doppelganger jumps back while Lea performs a spinning attack around the enemy like Tesla Twist. As that finishes, the doppelganger jumps high on top of target and transforms into a lightning strike. Lea finishes the attack with super fast chained melee attacks that knock the target away. The lightning strike and Tesla-like spins can damage other enemies, but everything else only damages the first target struck.

Song of Storms is a combination of Tesla Twist and Battery Assault. The attack sequence is even longer thus players can enjoy Lea's actions when using this art. This art mostly resembles Battery Assault, though against a single target two Battery Assaults usually deal more damage than a single Song of Storms. You can dash cancel at any time up until the final chain of melee attacks.