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The Cool Security Brute is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Vermillion Wasteland.

Cool Security Brute

A cold-based variant of the Security Brute. In patrol mode it will act much like the other ones, only notifying the laser tower and all other brutes when a trespasser has been found. When fighting against it, it will attack with cold-based punch attacks or shield other brutes.

-Monster Fibula report



Randomly picks among the following attacks:

A) Charges an elemental punch, then rushes to you so as to punch you from up close. Avoid by dashing or parrying at the last split second. It can only rush to you for so long, thus sufficient distance will nullify this.

B) Charges a big elemental punch, taking longer and manifesting a double energy ring, then rushes to you so as to punch you from up close, which will cause a mid-strong homing, low-mid range, series of ground spikes. Avoid by dashing to its side at the last split second. The same distance limitation applies here as well, but is somewhat compensated by the follow-up elemental effect.

C) In the final Vermillion Tower, it will be able to use a buff on itself or fellow Brutes of any element, causing the target to be surrounded by a damage-reducing defensive shield.



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