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Disambig This article is about an enemy from Vermillion Wasteland. For the one in the prologue, see Cold Shredder.

The Cool Security Brute is a mechanical enemy unoficially implemented into CrossWorlds. They can be mainly found in Vermillion Wasteland.

Cool Security Brute

A cold-based variant of the Security Brute. In patrol mode it will act much like the other ones, only notifying the laser tower and all other brutes when a trespasser has been found. When fighting against it, it will attack with cold-based punch attacks or shield other brutes.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Cool Security Brute is a metal robot resembling a humanoid upper torso and head, with orange energy rings replacing its legs and allowing it to float. It is made of dark grey metal with spiky blue highlights on its shoulders and its head that look like ice shards. It also has a blue core embedded in its chest.

Combat[ | ]

Its attacks are rather straightforward. It can lift its fist into the air, dash towards the player and punch them, or it can charge its attack to do a stronger punch that releases a long-ranged, homing ice burst that summons icicles on its path.
When they aren't aggressive, they tend to be on "patrol mode". In this case, they have a cone of yellow light in front of them, and either follow specific routes or stay in place. If the player goes through the light, that being their line of sight, one of two scenarios occur. In the first one, exclusive to East Town and West Town, the Laser of Doom activates and all the Security Brutes in the area gang up on the player. In the second one, which is the stealth sequence the player must go through to enter the Vermillion Dungeon, entering the Brute's line of sight will simply make the screen fade to black, sending the player back to their last checkpoint.
Cool Security Brutes that aren't part of chase or stealth sequences can also create a shield of their own element and throw it at themselves or a nearby Brute to grant the receiver a damage-reducing shield. This includes the Brutes at East Town and West Town when they are aggravated, the ones that spawn during the Vermillion Raid and the ones in Vermillion Tower.
They also have slightly different behavior in the Vermillion Raid. When a Brute is defeated, its body won't disappear and will instead linger for a small amount of time. It can then be pushed towards nearby Evotars to fixate them, which creates a shield on top of them that can absorb the Laser of Doom's attack.

Strategies[ | ]

They are one of the strongest enemies in the game, only intended to be defeated in the last chapter. You can't push them back and stop their attacks unless you are using a powerful Combat Art. Dash away whenever you see one preparing to attack. On another note, they always dash a set distance when they do a charged punch, which makes this easier to dodge by staying close to them and dashing perpendicular to their movement so they go past you.
In the "Chasing Rabbits" room (the one you enter after encountering the Blue Avatar in Vermillion Dungeon), there is a huge gap that you can traverse with Long Jump Panels. If you cross it and a Security Brute is chasing you from the other side, you can either body block it or throw a charged Ball while it is in midair to drop it into a bottomless pit.

Locations[ | ]

Vermillion Wasteland
  • East Town (x1)
  • West Town (x3)
  • Vermillion Tower (x4)
As part of the Vermillion Raid:
  • Spiral Cliff (x2)[1]
  • Crimson Lake (x2, non-respawning)
  • East Town
  • West Town
  • Vermillion Tower
Vermillion Dungeon
  • ERROR 404 (x1)
  • Chasing Rabbits [2]
  • Bomb Switch [2]
Vermillion Tower
  • Center Elevator F1 (x2, non-respawning)[3]
  • Elevator Shaft (x1, non-respawning)[3]
  • Elevator Shaft 2 (x3, non-respawning)[3][4]
  1. Only as part of a cutscene.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Spawns after the initial enemies are defeated.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Chapter 10 (unless you begin the DLC) rewinds after completion while keeping your progress, meaning that you can encounter this enemy again even though it does not respawn.
  4. The second room that's called "Elevator Shaft".

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Sergey refers to the Security Brutes as Shredder units. The only enemies that are actually known as such are the Shredders from the M.S. Solar chase sequence and both the Prologue Shredder and Cold Shredder from the prologue. It is likely that these robot's names where changed during development.