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Coquelicot is an NPC added to CrossWorlds as part of the currently-in-development CrossCode: Autumn's Genesis mod. She is an autumn spirit embodying human curiosity, tasked by Di'orbis with letting Seekers highly attuned to nature into the secret about "the true nature of autumn". She is planned to become a special party member capable of entering the dungeon the mod mentioned above will add.

Appearance[ | ]

Being an autumn spirit, Coquelicot has orange fall leaves for hair, which become wavy around the tips. Her complexion is fair, accompanied with peridot eyes. Hinting at her namesake, she wears two poppy hairpieces over her frontal locks, and sticking out of her hair are two fall leaves which act as her ears, being able to wiggle through slots in the acorn hair accessories she adorns. Coquelicot is seen wearing a red scarf and orange dress with leaflike features. Additionally, she wears leaf bracelets over small armguards on her lower arms as well as footwear consisting of dirt and fall leaves. Her weapon of choice is a fall leaf naginata called "Shikizakura" (四季桜).

Personality[ | ]

Embodying human curiosity, Coquelicot is naturally curious and eager to try new things out. She enjoys learning more about the people she meets and is especially interested in learning more about "the true nature of autumn" herself as she has yet to guide any Seeker up until the events of CrossCode. This fact also leads to her being slightly worried about erring in her guiding duties. Nonetheless, Coquelicot has an overall sunny disposition and tends to savor the present and not veer her mind towards anything too deep, such as how she came to be, the true intentions of Di'orbis, etc.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Coquelicot's design has influences drawing from that of a few different characters, notably Serena from Dragalia Lost and Charua from World Flipper.
  • Coquelicot's name means "poppy" in French. While poppies do not appear during fall, the hue the flower species is associated with is a tint of red, falling in line with the colors of autumn.
  • Being an NPC, Coquelicot does not fall into any of the standard player classes. Her combat style incorporates slow yet powerful naginata swings and jabs, and her VRPs take on the appearance of leaves. In the game, her class name is set to "Spirit" for internal purposes.
  • Coquelicot has tried numerous places on Shadoon in an effort to get the attention of any Seekers meeting the requirement of being "highly attuned to nature", with little success so far. Her favorite recruiting spot is the Falldivers HQ in Rookie Harbor.
  • Despite what her level of involvement in CrossWorlds may suggest, Coquelicot is indeed a perfectly normal NPC, albeit one showcasing Instatainment's current state-of-the-art AI.

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