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A large amount of highly advanced technology is needed to keep the CrossWorlds MMO running properly. The majority of this technology is hidden behind the scenes, but some specific pieces of technology have been seen in the game, mostly used by the crew of the M.S. Solar.

Cross Gear[ | ]

Cross Gear

This device is used to connect a human to the world of CrossWorlds. Through the Quantum Technology it is possible to control the character in-game with absolutely zero lag, resulting in great immersion as all senses are tightly connected to the device and thus the game, too.
However, the technology used for the gear is still experimental and as such still has issues. A prominent example is the Speech Desynchronisation which happens because of interference between the gear and the Avatars in CrossWorlds.

-Encyclopedia entry

The CrossGear is the equipment used to connect players to their avatars. Although it does not appear in the game, it has been mentioned several times, but the details have been kept vague. It is known to use quantum technology in order to make the link to the avatar instantaneous. It has been suggested that the majority of the cost behind playing CrossWorlds is purchasing the CrossGear.

Solar Fist[ | ]

Solar Fist

A bazooka-like weapon used by Captain Jet to prevent the Blue Avatar from taking Lea.
It seems to be capable of disrupting Instant Matter temporarily.

-Encyclopedia entry

The Solar Fist is a weapon wielded by Captain Jet when fighting the Blue Avatar. It was able to disrupt the Instant Matter of his avatar, as well as destroy the shielding blocks he created.

IMF Neutralizer[ | ]

Solar Fist

The "Instant Matter Field Neutralizer" is a bomb used on the M.S. Solar by Captain Jet to "make sure that no traces of CrossWorlds are left on the ship", as Jet put it.
While it has no apparent effect on solid matter or organic lifeforms, it seems to completely disrupt and thus destroy anything made from Instant Matter within its range.

-Encyclopedia entry

The Instant Matter Field Neutralizer is a bomb that disrupts Instant Matter without affecting normal matter. One was used by the crew of the M.S. Solar to get rid of the Blue Avatar. It destroyed his avatar and shielding blocks, presumably along with the enemies in the cargo hold.

AR Goggles[ | ]

Many aspects of CrossWorlds are virtual, and can only be seen by avatars. As a work-around, several maintenance staff members are seen to use augmented reality goggles in order to see the virtual components of the game.

Carla's Tablet[ | ]

Carla is shown using a small tablet to directly modify Instant Matter, most notably by creating temporary platforms during the escape sequence.

Ball-Throwing Device[ | ]

Captain Jet uses a device that allows him to throw Balls in order to provide demonstrations during Lea's combat training. He is also able to heal Lea, possibly with the same device.

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