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There are currently three crossovers planned between CrossCode and other games.

Read Only Memories[ | ]

The main character of Read Only Memories, Turing, is expected to make a cameo in CrossCode, and Lea will also have a cameo in Read Only Memories.

Starr Mazer[ | ]

The character Bunny Bitshift from Starr Mazer is a CrossWorlds player. She will have a cameo in CrossCode, and will be seen playing CrossWorlds in Starr Mazer.

Super Indie Karts[ | ]

Lea is a playable character in the crossover kart racing game Super Indie Karts. There is also a M.S. Solar themed track, with a cameo from the Huge Hostile Crab.

VA-11 Hall-A[ | ]

A character of VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (Wich one is yet to be confirmed) will have a cameo in some part of Crosscode.