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The Cursed Sharkster is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Maroon Valley and defeating it rewards the player with a Bronze Chest containing the LV01Broken SwordBroken Sword requiered to complete the quest A Promise Is a Promise 3.

Organic Boss
Cursed Sharkster

A cursed beast that lurked below Maroon Valley. It once stole coins from a cursed chest and turned into an undying creature. The only way to defeat it is by finding the cursed content of the chest and returning it. It can summon ghostly versions of itself that can not be defeated unless the chest is filled with coins.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Cursed Sharkster is a skeletal shark. Its fins are bright orange resembling flames, its body is comprised of dark bones and its skull has empty eye sockets with red dots inside and a pair of protrusions on the sides of its jaw.

Combat[ | ]

It always starts each phase by absorbing all of the 100 coins inside its treasure chest, which makes it invincible. In order to make it vulnerable, the player must punch the coins out of it by breaking it like a normal Sharkster and attacking it while it flails around. It is always burrowed underground except when it attacks or jumps out randomly.
After the player desposits all of the 100 coins back in the chest, which can be done with all of them at once or in multiple rounds, the Cursed Sharkster will break and lose its invincibility until it either recovers or the player triggers its next phase. In later phases, the boss can summon Ghost Sharksters that can be broken but are completely invincible. They will vanish when the player deposits the 100 coins.

Phase 1

  • Floats in midair and lunges towards the player. Hitting it with a charged Ball will fill its break gauge and stop the attack.
  • Flashes red, then moves towards the player and jumps through them. Charged Balls can also stop this attack, but it can instead be countered to break the boss instantly.
  • Requires two charged Ball hits to break.

Phase 2

  • Summons one Ghost Sharkster every time it recovers its coins.
  • Floats just out of reach, covers itself in coins and gets a yellow afterimage. It then proceeds to dash through the player at high speeds three times. It cannot be broken during this attack, but its break gauge still fills up.
  • It now engulfs itself in flames before lunging. When it hits the ground, it causes an explosion and, while its break gauge can be filled, it won’t break during this attack.
  • The jump attack stays the same.
  • Requires three charged Ball hits to break.

Phase 3

  • Summons two Ghost Sharksters instead of one.
  • Uses its gold rush four times.
  • Its fiery lunge stays the same, but it stops doing its basic jump attack entirely.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Keep the Ghost Sharksters broken because they can interrupt you while you are punching coins out of the boss or you are trying to dodge its attacks.
  • Multi-hit moves like Hail-flurry-icon Hail Flurry can be used to get the 100 coins in a single break. Avoid using powerful one-hit moves since the Cursed Sharkster drops coins not based on damage, but on the amount of hits it receives.
  • Depositing coins in the chest heals you depending on the deposited amount. If the situation seems dire, any amount of coins can be a lifesaver, specially since you can't be hit while interacting with the chest.

Locations[ | ]

Maroon Valley
  • Treasure Room

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The fight's gimmick involving the coins giving the boss an invincibility state plays exactly like the one in the Grim Reaper rematch in Kingdom Hearts 2.