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The Cursed Sharkster is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Maroon Valley as part of the quest A Promise Is a Promise 3.

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Cursed Sharkster

A cursed beast that lurked below Maroon Valley. It once stole coins from a cursed chest and turned into an undying creature. The only way to defeat it is by finding the cursed content of the chest and returning it. It can summon ghostly versions of itself that can not be defeated unless the chest is filled with coins.

-Monster Fibula report




Cursed Sharkster cannot be hurt while it is carrying coins. In order to make it vulnerable, Lea must first Break it by hitting it enough times. Like all Sharksters, Cursed Sharkster can only be hit when it is above the surface and close to the ground.

Once the Cursed Sharkster has broken, Lea must hit it repeatedly while it is flailing on the ground in order to take its coins. The coins must then be returned to the chest where they came from. They can be returned all at once or a few at a time. Once all 100 coins ar in the chest, Cursed Sharkster will become vulnerable for a few seconds. Lea must attack it while it is flailing in order to damage it. Once the time window for attacking it has pased, Cursed Sharkster will return to the chest and take back the coins.

Cursed Sharkster's allies can be broken, but not damaged.


Maroon Valley
Floor U2
Treasure Room

Development Notes[]


The fight's gimmick involving the coins giving the boss an invincibility state plays exactly like the one in the Grim Reaper rematch in Kingdom Hearts 2.