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Dashing is one of the four basic combat techniques in CrossCode, along with Melee, Balls and Guarding. When she dashes, Lea spins a full turn as she moves a fixed distance in one of the 8 directions possible with the arrow keys, leaving a trail of dust in her wake. She moves through enemies and other objects in her way faster than if she ran, helping dodge attacks and reach objectives slightly faster, but she takes a slight recovery pause before running again. It is only possible to make 3 full consecutive dashes; Lea will merely spin and move only slightly if further attempts at dashing are made without a pause.

Perfect Dash[]

There is a small window of invulnerability at the start of every dash. Avoiding damage this way is referred to as a perfect dash. Among the number of other things Focus does, it also increases this window, as does Flash Step, although due to a bug its effect is currently extremely small.test pending?

Dash Cancel[]

There is a hidden mechanism in the game called Dash Cancel, an advanced use of dashes mentioned only by an optional quest. Dash Cancel is ideal for the Shock element. Any regular attack can be cancelled by immediately dashing, and any regular dash can be cancelled by immediately attacking, but you can still aim while dashing. This is reminiscent of animation cancelling of other fast-paced games, allowing you to attack faster and move between attacks, greatly increasing the pace of combat. The Momentum modifier exploits this technique to boost the damage of every attack that cancels a dash, more when you dash consecutively, including Combat Arts.

New Game Plus Options[]

Two New Game Plus options substantially change up how dashes work. Dash Master decreases the number of consecutive dashes possible from three to one, but greatly increases the window for perfect dashes, and also reduces the recovery time after a dash. Witch Time causes time to slow down for a few seconds every time you successfully perform a perfect dash.

Combat Arts[]

Dash Combat Arts are executed by charging while holding both a direction and the dash hotkey. Dash arts are the most difficult arts to execute.

Dash Arts
Level Neutral Shock Wave Heat Cold
Azure-strike-icon.png Azure Strike
First-cut-icon.png First Cut
Amber Dash -icon.PNG Amber Strike
Thunder Dart -icon.PNG Thunder Dart
Verdant Strike -icon.PNG Verdant Strike
Warp Decoy -icon.PNG Warp Decoy
Crimson-strike-icon.png Crimson Strike
Ashen-mine-icon.png Ashen Mine
Indigo Strike-icon.PNG Indigo Strike
Azure-surge-icon.png Azure Surge
Final-showdown-icon.png Final Showdown
Amber Breaker -icon.PNG Amber Breaker
Storm Walker -icon.PNG Storm Walker
Verdant Tide-icon.PNG Verdant Stream
Toxic Revenant -icon.PNG Toxic Revenant
Crimson Stream -icon.PNG Crimson Stream
Mine Valley -icon.PNG Mine Valley
Indigo Rush-icon.PNG Indigo Rush
Flickering-stars-icon.png Flickering Stars
Lightning-prophecy-icon.png Lightning Prophecy
Vortex-tide-icon.png Vortex Tide
Gungnir-icon.png Gungnir
Scarlet-rain-icon.png Scarlet Rain