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An antagonist of CrossCode, referred to as the Blue Avatar, the Designer is an avatar that has a history with Lea who he tries to kidnap for unknown purposes.

Blue Avatar

A mysterious blue avatar who appeared on the cargo ship M.S. Solar. He sees himself as some kind of god and thus above all other beings. He seems to be a special kind of avatar, being able to fly and leave the Playground.

-Encyclopedia people entry


The Designer is a tall avatar with light blue skin and long, tangled black hair. On his head, wears a partial helmet consisting of a gold band with a stylized sun above his forehead, reminiscent of a ceremonial headdress, and connected to a chin guard. He also has a black visor covering his eyes, resembling the ones worn by the Gods of Shape. He wears a shirt of segmented gray, blue and gold armor and matching gloves and shoes, along with baggy orange pants. An orange sash with pixelated ends floats around his waist, unsupported. Early concept art shows him wearing a long white and gold necklace with a circular gold and blue pendant, but this is not seen in-game.


The Designer is shown to act superior and condescending to everyone, and completely ignores the desires and opinions of others in favor of pursuing his own goals, whatever they might be. He views avatars as being superior to humans, exemplified by him greatly underestimating Jet and dismissively referring to him as a "mortal". He speaks in a rather odd, stilted manner and comes off as rather out of touch, but has proven himself to be the most powerful character seen to date.


The Designer knows Lea prior to her amnesia. Initially, he intends to remove her from the game for being outside the Playground, but upon recognizing her, he changes tactics, first pitting her against the Huge Hostile Crab to prove her identity, and then attempting to kidnap her. This strongly hints that their previous relationship was antagonistic, although his treatment of her does not stand out exceptionally from his overall treatment of others.

Captain Jet's strong senses of order and duty strongly clash with the Designer's condescending attitude and dismissive views of non-avatars. Although the avatar initially dismisses Jet as boring and not worthy of his attention, Jet is later able to hold him off with the Solar Fist and destroy his avatar, greatly infuriating him.

The Blue Avatar usually refers to himself in plural, suggesting that he may not only be part of some sort of group or organisation, but also may not be the only one of his kind. It is also likely that he is using the "Royal 'We'" pronoun, to denote his high status above others.


The Designer is controlled by Gautham. Although he is an avatar, he does not fit any of the CrossWorlds classes. He demonstrates powers, specifically flight and summoning bosses, that would most likely be game-breaking in the hands of players. Sergey is unable to find any link between him and CrossWorlds.

The developers have accidentally revealed on-stream that he is an Ancient.

Role in CrossCode[]

The Designer senses Lea's presence on the M.S. Solar and seeks her out, intending to remove her for being outside the Playground. However, he recognizes her, and summons a Huge Hostile Crab for her to fight in order to prove her identity. Satisfied that she is who he thought she was, he attempts to kidnap her, but is shot by Captain Jet's rocket launcher, damaging him. He continues to fight Jet while summoning Advanced Attack Robots to apprehend Lea, but she is successful at leaving the ship, at which point Jet destroys him with an IMF Neutralizer.

He is the creator of the final dungeon and is the final boss of the game.

First fight[]

The first duel against the Designer takes place after Lea is forcibly teleported out of the First Scholars raid, into an unofficial part of Bergen Trail.

Humanoid Boss.png

The information has been redacted.

-Monster Fibula report


At first, the Designer does not attack, but he will teleport to dodge all of Lea's attacks. After dodging a number of times, he will start attacking and Lea will be able to damage the boss.

The Designer surrounds himself with colored orbs of which he can throw at Lea to perform elemental attacks: heat-, cold-, shock-, or wave-based. He can also charge at her, dealing neutral damage on contact. As the fight progresses, he will charge up to three times in succession and use additional attacks that lack element properties.

Every time Lea depletes a sixteenth of his total HP, the Designer smashes the ground three times, twice beneath her and a third time to destroy part of the arena. His behavior then changes.

He generates a heat/cold shield that reduces damage taken to zero from attacks that are not cold-/heat-based. When the Designer is hit into a break state, this shield is disabled.

At 11/16 HP, Sergey will open an exit point for Lea to escape. However, the Designer quickly notices this and blocks Lea right before she can get away. He then proceeds to endlessly charge at her until he lands one last hit. He inevitably captures Lea, sending her to the Vermillion Wasteland.

Second fight[]

The second duel against the Designer takes place at the top of Vermillion Tower.

Humanoid Boss.png

This information has been redacted. "I only ever wanted to create. That was the one thing I loved. The one thing that kept me going. I even moved to this stupid moon. But he caged us and my designs were used for things I don't even want to think about anymore. It all seems too... distant. Until she arrived and gave me one last chance to create the ultimate experience."

-Monster Fibula report


The first phase of The Designer uses two attacks: Dashing toward Lea twice; And firing a projectile using two different elements. After doing both of these, The Designer will flash red and will be more susceptible to break. The Designer has a shield that protect greatly against all attacks, and is only weak to one of four elements, which changes. At the beginning of the fight, and after flashing red, The Designer will blank out one element orb in his circle, and only the opposite element will allow Lea to inflict break.


Third fight[]

Main article: The Creator

Once the Designer drops to 50% HP, he takes Lea to a new arena above the clouds. He then reappears as a humanoid elephant known as The Creator.


  • The name Egyptian Mr. Freeze was given by a streamer and is not official, but the developers thought it was so funny, that they just took it over as a nickname.
  • In the game's files, his In-Game portrait is named designer.png. This, in conjunction with his status as an ancient and his game-breaking powers, could hint to him being the/a designer of Crossworlds.
  • It's technically impossible to beat the designer at the last part of his first fight.
    • However, his face changes gradually the more you dodge his attacks (interesting ones are 16: laughing ⇾ 20: bored ⇾ 24: confused ⇾ 26: shouting).[1] There are no more changes after dodging 27 times and the boss will endlessly charge at you.
    • Killing the boss thought hacking will trigger the designerKillLol event which just make him whisper "WHAT."
  • He is the only boss in the base game who takes into account if Lea has the Sergey Hax on in NG+
    • in the first fight, while one shot does take out all of his health and causes him to exclaim "WHAT", he survives and will proceed into the endless charge attack
    • Meanwhile, in the second fight, he buffs his HP such that it's just as hard as it would be without the hax on.


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