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Di'orbis is the God of the Sphere, representing the Virtue of Balance. He is portrayed as the source of life and the creator of the other Gods.


Di'orbis is the first of the Gods of the Ancients born into the void. It is said that he is the source of life. He is also the one who shaped the other gods as brothers and sisters. His personality is commonly described as aloof. After he created his siblings he went on to explore the void where he birthed many worlds in his image. His shape is the eternal circle.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Boss[ | ]

Di'orbis is an abstract boss and is the true final boss of CrossWorlds. He is fought at the end of the Ku'lero Temple, alongside the gods E'nel, Di'aro, K'win and G'oni.

Abstract Boss

Creator of all, may your journey fill the void with life.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Di'orbis summons the four other Ancient Gods to fight the player, two of them initially. The gods stay in an immaterial, invincible ghost state when not attacking. All four will use one of two different attacks, with the last one in sequence leaving all who attacked stationary for a few seconds before phase shifting again. They can also be stunned for a longer period if hit enough times by their opposing element.

Di'orbis can only be attacked directly while recovering a fallen ally. His effective Defense is far greater, until his inherit guard is broken from taking enough hits from any damage type. While grounded, in his break state, the creation god surrounds himself in a mono-elemental shield which renders him most vulnerable to the opposite element.

Phase 1 (75% < HP ≤ 100%)[ | ]

Two elemental gods are chosen at random to attack in turns. E'nel swings her fiery sword twice in wide arcs, Di'aro slams his ice hammer forward, K'win lunges toward the player 2-3 times in quick succession, and G'oni throws wavy cards rapidly. For the third and final attack in a sequence, the god/goddess who moved first unleashes an alternative charged-up attack:

  • If E'nel, eight rays appear after her single sword swing and strike after a delay, covering an additional 90-degree arc.
  • If Di'aro, his hammer creates a cross (+) formation of icicles, rotated so one of the arms is pointing at the player.
  • If K'win, she performs 2-3 longer dashes.
  • If G'oni, he throws two spread shots of wave cards.

When a single god is defeated, Di'orbis will reappear to recover them.

Phase 2 (50% < HP ≤ 75%)[ | ]

At the start of this phase, Di'orbis begins to charge up a multi-round attack similar to The Creator. Its strength can be weakened by solving the miniature puzzle presented fast enough. After all mono-elemental rounds are done however, three or more of the same omni judgement blasts shot by Gynthar in desperation are aimed at the player which deal massive damage, regardless of guarding, if they connect. This whole phase intro repeats for Phases 3 and 4 with increased difficulty.

Each of the elemental gods gain another move they can use instead at the end of their team attack sequence:

  • E'nel can thrust her sword forward to create laser beams that line up with the player's position before they attempt to strike.
  • Di'aro's icicle shockwaves can create two more branching lines which attempt to catch the player. The icicles in this attack never flow diagonally.
  • K'win may perform a single dash that leaves behind a continuous electric current that conducts three secondary currents of which pass through the player's instantaneous location.
  • G'oni may box the player in a hexagon formed by cards and activate those at opposite vertices to blast the player with wave laser beams.

Phase 3 (25% < HP ≤ 50%)[ | ]

Any of the four gods can now attack per team sequence, and it can be up to five moves long. Di'orbis will only appear after two of his creations are knocked out.

Phase 4 (HP ≤ 25%)[ | ]

Immediately after the last judgement barrage, the battle music vanishes and the whole arena becomes a grayscale void. The player must survive until the void dissipates by dodging the deadly pitch black lines coming out of what appears to be a collapsing star, as well as miniature black holes.

More than one god can use their strongest attack (introduced in Phase 2) per team cycle.

Strategies[ | ]


Unlike other bosses, his damage is plotted at a single point of impact rather than being in a line or a zone. The boss appears to plan the point of attack by rising into the air, projecting Lea's direction of movement, then locking in its attack and striking where Lea was moving. Consequently, players should develop an intuition for when the boss locks onto Lea's movements and when the boss locks in the location of attack, giving the player time to walk away from where Di'aro is headed.


K'win's dash attacks can be avoided by dashing up and down alternatingly. For the electric dash, the most consistent method to dodge it is to dodge the first electric beam, then use Flare Burn!. Of note with her basic dash attack is that she always sweeps her claw downwards, meaning the hitbox is smaller above her.


G'oni is the easiest of the four dodging-wise as his card spread and basic attacks can be avoided simply by dashing in a circle around him. The card laser attack requires the player to dash with good timing in a different direction as the lasers are about to go off.

Location[ | ]

Ku'lero Temple
The Last Trial

Notes[ | ]

  • In his Arena round, "The Ultimate Experience" (The Creator's battle music) used to play instead. This was noted as a bug and was replaced by the original battle theme during one update.

Gallery[ | ]