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The Dirty Frobbit is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Bergen Trail during the Filthy Frobbits quest.

Dirty Frobbit

A White Frobbit that got dirty by hopping around mining machines. The thick filth has not only made its fur become almost impervious to damage, it also enraged the usually peaceful animal to attack any human it sees. Only a forced bath will clean up their fur and make them vulnerable again.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Dirty Frobbit is physically identical to the weaker White Frobbit. It is a small lump of a creature, with large hind legs and long metal ears, resembling a rabbit. It is covered in blueish-white fur. It can be identified by the fact that, until it is cleaned, it periodically flashes red and gives of a cloud of black dirt.

Combat[ | ]

In combat, Dirty Frobbits rely primarily on their powerful melee attacks. Their primary attack is a powerful kick to the face, delivered at close range. If they miss with this attack, they jump backward immediately. Their second, more powerful attack is a large jump attempting to land on the player. If this is dodged, the Frobbit lunges forward for a second chance at the attack. If either attempt lands, the Frobbit unleashes a flurry of blows which stunlock the player, ending with a powerful attack with large knockback. Both attacks are indicated by the Frobbit flashing red, and it may begin either of them by quickly hopping towards the player to get to close range. Outside of attacking, Frobbits are adept at following the player, but move inconsistently, which may lead to them falling behind a fleeing player. At close range, they frequently jump over the player in an attempt to dodge attacks.

The special mechanic of Dirty Frobbits relies on cleaning them. Before they are cleaned, Dirty Frobbits are extremely resistant to damage. In order to clean them, Lea must knock them into the water. They will spring back out cleaned, making them the only enemy that does not automatically respawn if knocked into water (although they will respawn if knocked in a second time). In order to make it easier to clean them, whenever an uncleaned Dirty Frobbit does its strong attack, it will be dizzy for a short period afterward. If Lea hits it will dizzy, it will break, stunning it and allowing it to be pushed around.

Strategies[ | ]

Dirty Frobbits can generally be fought like normal Frobbits. The chief difficulty in fighting them is that they can't quickly be destroyed like other Frobbits, so it is possible to be overwhelmed by a large group of them. To counter this, they should be cleaned as quickly as possible. The intended strategy here is to dodge them until one becomes dizzy, break it and push it into the water, but this leaves you open to attacks from other Dirty Frobbits. It is also possible to stand near the edge of the water and lead them to jump in, although fancy dodging may be required to avoid falling in yourself. A third strategy is to stand on one of the small islands in the area and knock them into the water as they try and follow you, although this can backfire once one makes it onto the island, leaving you with nowhere to run.

Locations[ | ]

Bergen Trail
Rising Path 2: X10 during Filthy Frobbits quest
Any killed Dirty Frobbits respawn when you leave the room unless all are killed.

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Trivia[ | ]

The Dirty Frobbit was introduced with the addition of new Bergen Village quests in Early Access 0.7.0.