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Distillizer is a mechanical boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Ba'kii Kum, as part of the quest Spiritual Drinks.

Mechanical Boss

Brought to life by fire and only the best of spirits, this golem burns even hotter than its more common brethren, the Magmanizer. It is born from a highly-powered distillery and could not long survive without being fueled by the energy of traditional Ancient beverage. Just like the Pintjelly it receives a shield from the distillery that spawned it. Some mechanism must be activated to make it vulnerable again.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Distillizer is identical to the Magmanizer, with the only difference being their colors. It is a living blue flame using an armor. Its mechanical parts are two grey legs with two fingers each, huge black clawed hands and a purple-ish chestplate with a dome that protects its face. Its waist and arms are exposed and its head is a flame with a dotted smile.

Combat[ | ]

Just like the Pintjellies fought before, Distillizer has a shield that negates all damage, which can be deactivated by throwing frozen bubbles into the four ovens of the distillery. This boss also acts like the Magmanizer, since its attacks are similar and both have the same ring of fire around them, which destroys bubbles and can be turned off with Cold Balls, and break method. Despite that, Distillizer can only be effectively broken after its shield goes down; hitting it with a frozen bubble before that will show the Break notification without actually breaking it.

The player also must prevent the brewing machine from overheating during the entire fight by hitting it with frozen bubbles. Two pipes, one on each side of the arena, alternate between releasing explosive bubbles or fireballs. Cooling off the brewing machine enough to reduce the entire overheat bar will cause icicles to block the next round of fireballs. On the other hand, letting the brewing machine overheat will make the pipes shoot more fireballs at once, one more for every 25% of the bar filled. If the machine fully overheats, it will activate its emergency cooling and reduce the overheat bar by itself while the pipes fire an insane amount of fireballs.

Phase 1

  • Jumps to either the left or right side of the arena, then spins and dashes into the player, finishing with an explosion around itself.
  • Jumps in front of the brewing machine and uses a flamethrower attack aimed directly at the player.

Phase 2

  • Uses its flamethrower twice in a row.

Phase 3

  • Uses its flamethrower thrice in a row.
  • Shoots a fireball in front of itself with an unpredictable flying pattern every time it is hit, only if the fire ring is still active.

Strategies[ | ]

Even if its own attacks make him just a harder Magmanizer, the many factors that play into this fight make it a huge menace.

  • Whenever Distillizer begins using its flamethrower, the distillery cools off by one section.
  • Fireballs, the fire ring, the explosions, the flamethrower and the fire generated whenever Distillizer spins, all of those destroy bubbles, so don’t get frustrated if your frozen bubble melts for the fifth time in a row. Make sure to aim them into the ovens that are away from the boss.
  • Keep its ring of fire off at all times to prevent more frozen bubbles from melting.
  • With sufficient attack power, Eternal Winter can take down two entire sections of its health after it breaks.
  • If you sit at the entrance of the arena, neither the flamethrower nor the fireballs shot from the sides will reach you. If you follow this recommendation, don’t throw Balls at it during this attack in the third phase since its counter-measure fireballs are shot from its front.
  • To deactivate its ring of fire during the third phase, lure it into a wall while it is using its spin-dash and hit it before it turns around so the fireballs it releases as a counter measure can’t reach you.
  • Don’t run around too much because you will very likely fall into a pit.
  • Defeating Sao before this boss is recommended because the LVL↑Shuriken ShooterShuriken Shooter makes aiming at the bubbles and freezing them way easier.
  • Taking away its fire ring doesn’t stop whatever attack it was doing at the moment.

Location[ | ]

Ba'kii Kum

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Blue flames occur when there is a complete combustion reaction, while orange flames occur when the reaction is incomplete. Because of this, blue flames are hotter, explaining why Distillizer’s monster fibula entry states that it is hotter than the Magmanizer.